Chat Transcript

The chat transcript from our July 6, 2021 event, Is Vancouver Building Enough Housing?

NOTE Timestamps are from beginning of webinar (including pre-event activities), not beginning of recruiting.

00:30:20 Albert Huang: Yuri, let me know when you think we’ve given enough time
00:30:29 Albert Huang: Another 30 seconds?
00:31:44 Yuri Artibise (he/his) – VCPC: Here is the StreamText link if people prefer to view captions that way.
00:31:55 Pam Heggie: Albert: Thank you everyone for joining city of Vancouver planning commission this evening for the conversation on housing in Vancouver. My name is Albert Huang.
00:32:18 Baldwin Hum: Thanks Yuri!
00:32:26 Michael Mortensen: Hi All! I have to run in a bit to a public meeting for Missing Middle housing in West Van! Hope this is going to be recorded!
00:33:22 Yuri Artibise (he/his) – VCPC: Michael, This session is being recorded and will be shared with everybody who RSVP’d
00:33:37 ken paquette: Great
00:34:02 Ron Bruce: Audio is limited
00:34:07 Yuri Artibise (he/his) – VCPC: VCPC Website:
00:34:27 Jennifer Bradshaw: yep that’s a lot better Albert!
00:34:45 Michael Mortensen: Fantastic
00:36:21 Yuri Artibise (he/his) – VCPC: Pam, for some reason I’m having trouble assigning you. I’m going to promote you to panelist to see if that works.
00:38:16 Yuri Artibise (he/his) – VCPC: Panel and Moderator bios can be found here:
00:40:04 Tanya Webking: Did I miss the land acknowledgment?
00:40:24 Baldwin Hum: Haha what if we needed to check off more than one in that first poll?
00:42:28 Yuri Artibise (he/his) – VCPC: Panel and Moderator bios can be found here:
00:43:23 Baldwin Hum: It is good to hear about the data-driven background of our panelists today, and data is certainly a critical part of how we should formulate policy. What though are we failing to measure and how might that inform our policy choices?
00:44:07 Jens von Bergmann (he/him):
00:44:08 Yuri Artibise (he/his) – VCPC: Jens von Bergmann is the president of MountainMath, a Vancouver based data analytics and visualization company. Jens takes a data-driven approach to Vancouver housing and demographics questions, and has worked on projects like CensusMapper and the Metro Vancouver Zoning Project that make demographic, housing and planning data accessible to broader audiences. On his blog Jens regularly addresses questions of public interest through data.
00:44:15 Evelyn Jacob: Yes, the city has promised to come up with the data and it has failed to do so so far.
00:47:27 A.J. Batalden: Does this data take into account that the “maxing out” mentioned is also to make sure that the developer/building owner is able to make the most possible profit and has nothing to do with housing need? Say if the housing market is also being used as an investment market
00:47:42 Yuri Artibise (he/his) – VCPC: Jens’ slides can be found here:
00:48:53 Albert Huang: Reminder to all to send in your questions using the “Q&A” and not this chat. Thanks!
00:51:45 Jennifer Bradshaw (she/her): FSR = floor space ratio
00:52:27 Lilian Chau (she/her) – Brightside: you all have about 8 min
00:52:48 Albert Huang: FSR is calculated by taking the amount of square footage you’re allowed to build on a given site. And dividing it against the size of the site.
00:54:03 Yuri Artibise (he/his) – VCPC: Jennifer Maiko Bradshaw is a data analyst and a director of Abundant Housing Vancouver. She became a housing activist when she saw the massive opposition to desperately needed Temporary Modular Housing across Metro Vancouver and resolved to help organize support for future projects. She was born in Kawasaki and misses the eclectic, dense, and vibrant cities of Japan, all connected by excellent train and bus networks and with a tiny fraction of the homelessness of North American cities. She strongly believes in land back, that housing policy is climate policy, and in just, equitable, inclusive cities.
00:54:57 Albert Huang: If anyone has any family or friends unable to connect to this, or forgot to register – the event is also live on Facebook!
00:55:00 Mark Marissen: Are there some stats about the loss of secondary suites with new, more luxurious houses?
00:55:42 Albert Huang: Hi Mark! Reminder to use the Q&A feature
00:56:13 Luna Aixin: the history of zoning against apartments is tied to racist and anti-poor practises.
00:57:26 Albert Huang: Thanks for the comment @Luna_Aixin! If you’d like the panel to comment on this, please feel free to send that in thru the Q&A.
00:57:55 Judy Farhat: Would we be able to get a copy of the slides? Some of the data is really useful
01:00:31 Amelia Cooper: We need more accessible housing too
01:03:54 Yuri Artibise (he/his) – VCPC: Here is a link to Jennifer’s slides:
01:04:14 Yuri Artibise (he/his) – VCPC: Nathanael Lauster is a UBC sociology professor and sometime demographer who primarily studies housing, home, households, and cities. He is the award-winning author of The Death and Life of the Single Family House: Lessons from Vancouver on Building a Livable City and Principle Investigator (with Jens von Bergmann) of the CMHC-funded Metro Vancouver Zoning Project. Nathan also runs the blog Home: Free Sociology
01:05:18 Lorien Nesbitt: This goal-based framing is excellent @Nathan. Thank you!
01:12:24 Amelia Cooper: ya and bc housing is full of bed bugs
01:13:45 Albert Huang: Thanks for your comments @Amelia_Cooper! Feel free to put your concerns and questions about accessible and safe housing in the Q&A.
01:16:56 Yuri Artibise (he/his) – VCPC: Nathan’s slides can be found here:
01:21:58 Albert Huang: Lilian and Co.: I think we had over-allocated time for the ‘Thank You and Next Steps’ at the very end. Feel free to take a bit more time to get thru your questions, Lilian.
01:25:57 Albert Huang: Edmonton city council votes to eliminate parking minimums
01:32:05 Baldwin Hum: We also see a bias against any kind of mixed use…
01:32:33 Mohamed Salama: I can see you and the BC government were and still trying to resolve the crisis of housing for decades and for same now on?! however, to reduce the rent and the price of housing to half of what the prices now, you must spread out Vancouver and let us show you where to develop and within only two years, millions of houses will be built safe and for all levels to live in in sense of dignity?! Just contact me at Mohamed Salama, P. Eng., President email: Cell: 403-612-7034
01:33:12 Albert Huang: Hi Mohamed, this isn’t necessarily a forum for attendees to market or promote. Sorry!
01:33:40 Josh Lemer: Which book is this mentioned “Nathan’s book”?
01:34:23 Albert Huang: Hi Josh. Nathan’s book is The Death and Life of the Single Family House here:
01:34:39 Mohamed Salama: In my opinion, all cities in BC; all Mayors must meet around the table including me and focus on my smart plan and presentation which will be the right way to resolve the crisis all over?!!
01:34:44 A.J. Batalden: It is also because of the current single family home owners wanting to make sure nothing effects their property value.
01:36:40 Ron Bruce: I’m not in favour of densification. COVID emphasizes this fact.
01:40:34 Albert Huang: @Lilian okay to take a few of the Q&A?
01:41:32 Yuri Artibise (he/his) – VCPC: BC Expert Panel Report:
01:42:27 Baldwin Hum: Didn’t our government immediate dismiss the expert panel report within hours of it being released?
01:43:19 Baldwin Hum: Re Jens’ comment on process: … unless it’s a detached home.
01:45:32 John Richmond: Jennifer for Prime Minister! Love this…
01:46:09 Albert Huang: BC Housing’s SAFER program providing rental subsidy for seniors
01:47:18 Albert Huang: The Province of B.C.’s Income Assistance rates including for shelter:
01:48:36 Yuri Artibise (he/his) – VCPC: Stephanie Allen’s thesis mentioned by Nathan:
01:48:37 John Richmond: We need to be much more vocal…
01:51:01 melanie: Much more co-ops, much more “AFFORDABLE” housing for families! Please, please, please!
01:52:32 A.J. Batalden: Because it was not addressed in the question section but I wanted to ensure that it was seen: In your (Nathanael) model about the change in prices of housing relating to supply, does that also take into account the fact that the times when the prices went down and the supply went up were also times economic crisis and were possibly not related to a creation of new stock?
01:54:08 Adam Mattinson: I wish we had more time to dig into that regional view point by Jens, but would love to hear more of how we could get there. Metro Van is not there yet.
01:54:49 melanie: Look at Champlain Heights where my family finally got in to a co-op after waiting 8 years!!!
01:55:49 John Richmond: Thanks so much! That was great.
01:56:04 Baldwin Hum: Thanks to the panel tonight
01:56:05 Jennifer Bradshaw (she/her): Thank you John!
01:56:37 melanie: Thank you to everyone! Appreciate this discussion
01:56:38 Adam Mattinson: Thanks so much folks, great talk.
01:58:29 Josh Lemer: Thank you everyone!
01:58:57 Eva Ciesielska: Thank you
01:59:22 Carolyn Goss: Thank you everyone!
01:59:57 Matt Campos: Thank you for the brilliant discussion! I will make sure to attend more VCPC events like this in the future.
02:00:05 melanie: And the only way we got in to the ci-op in Champlain Heights is because someone passed away. This is looking like it takes someone dying to get in to a co-op!
02:00:18 Michael Vlasman: Thanks all.
02:00:26 Owen Brady: Goodnight Albert!
02:00:30 Jennifer Bradshaw (she/her): sure
02:00:57 Brendan Dawe: deep thoughts albert