EVENT: 2021 Year-in-Review Workshop

What were the most significant decisions on city planning, urban development, local land use, social equity, and economic issues in 2021?

2021 Year in Review is the 7th annual workshop convened by the Vancouver City Planning Commission to discuss the most transformative events, actions, decisions and directions that shaped Vancouver’s urban landscape last year.

This event will bring together local community members, urbanists, planners, architects, designers, academics, advocates, students and more to discuss potential milestones, such as:

  • False Creek South and the power of engagement
  • City of Vancouver issued its first sustainability bond offering of $100 million to fund environmentally and socially sustainable initiatives and projects
  • City launches first Equity Framework to help staff approach every aspect of its operations with a sharper and more nuanced equity lens.
  • Council approves electric kick scooter pilot project allowing the personal use of privately-owned electric kick scooters throughout Vancouver on minor streets and protected bike lanes
  • New childcare centres open atop underutilized Gastown parkades that are the first of their kind in Canada

And while no review of 2021 would be complete without acknowledging the on impact that COVID-19 had on almost all aspects of our lives, including city planning, we consider this to be an overarching theme of the year, and not a specific milestone.

Be part of the deliberation!

We compiled this list, but how significant are these planning stories in the present day and in the long-term future? What makes them innovative – if at all? What’s missing?

It is up to you to help us answer these questions through a facilitated online workshop.

The workshop is free to members of the public who are passionate about local urban issues. Please RSVP as spaces are limited. We hope to see you there.

If you have any questions about this event, please email yuri.artibise@vancouver.ca or leave a message at 604.992-4197.

For more information on the VCPC Planning Milestones Project, visit: chronology.vancouverplanning.ca.

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