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Symposium Part 1 (Friday): Presentation Videos

A. Sustainability The Stretch from Global to Local
     Eileen Keenan, Symposium Committee Chair
B. "A neighbourhood isn't sustainable without..."
...accessible mobility for all ages
   Margaret Mahan, Better Environmentally Sound Transportation
...resilient and vibrant food networks
   Ian Marcuse, Grandview Woodland Food Connection building through arts and creativity
   Jenn Strom, Avenue for/des Arts
...seniors participating in the community
   Elsie Dean, Women Elders in Action Society
...schools as neighbourhood hubs
   Brendan Chan and Cassandra Ly, Windermere Secondary School
...mobilizing neighbourhood assets
   Helen Spiegelman, Zero Waste Vancouver
...businesses committed to sustainability
   Trish Kelly, Discovery Organics
...people reaching out to help people
   Ken Lyotier, United We Can
...robust and accessible public spaces
   Erin O'Melinn and Adam Vasilevich, Vancouver Public Space Network
...places to live for everyone
   Pat Chan, James Godwin, Lisa Lang, Niall MacRae,
   UBC School of Community and Regional Planning & SALA

Symposium Part 2 (Saturday): Presentation Videos

A. Sustainability for Neighbourhoods
     Eileen Keenan, Symposium Committee Chair
B. Success Stories in City-Neighbourhood Collaboration
     Reclaiming streets for people
     Joey Moore, Car Free Vancouver
     Collaborative community planning
     Denise Wrathall, Mount Pleasant Community Liaison Group
     Farmers markets and local food
     Tara McDonald, Vancouver Farmers Markets
     Preserving heritage, affordable housing, building community
     Sean McEwen, Mole Hill Living Heritage Society