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Information and Reports

Neighbourhoods Advisory Group
2010 July 26 Project launch notes (PDF 1MB)
2010 October 21 Meeting notes (PDF 230KB)
2010 November 18 Meeting notes (PDF 66KB)
2011 January 17 Meeting notes (PDF 250KB)

Symposium Poster and Invitation
Poster April 8, public event (PDF 300KB)
Invitation April 8-9, community organizations (PDF 600KB)

Symposium Display Materials
A neighbourhood isn't sustainable without, comment stickes
Community Organizations at the Symposium
Sustainability Linkages Chart, City of Vancouver 2002
Sustainability Definitions, United Nations
Sustainable Vancouver Definition, City of Vancouver 2002 (PDF 100KB)
Vancouver Neighbourhood Plans (PDF 2MB)

Post-Symposium Action Planning Meeting
2011 June 1 Meeting Notes (PDF 750KB)

Sustainability City of Sustainable Neighbourhoods Report
Commission Report to Council, 2011 July 28 (PDF 1.4MB)