21 Places for the 21st Century (2005)


The Public Realm – Ideas Competition and Case Study

The goal of the 21 Places for the 21st Century Ideas Competition was to generate a dialogue among Vancouverites about creative ways to make Vancouver’s public realm a more appealing and welcoming place to live.

21 Places legacy website
21 Places legacy website link

The competition was designed to invite citizens of all ages and from all walks of life in re-imagining and redesigning aspects and pockets of Vancouver’s public realm. The 65 entries reflected the participation of a diverse group of more than 200 people, including: a grade 7 class, architects and landscape architects, high school and university students, families, urban planners, a 10-year-old girl, groups of friends and neighbours , local activists, artists, a skateboard coalition, and business people

Finalist submissions

A panel of six judges selected 21 entries as the finalists for exhibition at the Interurban Gallery:

21 Places Submission 45th
Parks for 45th
• Sarah Knoebber, Sean Mills, Laura Jean Kelly, Cameron Murray, and Robert Middleton-Hope
• Grade Seven Class, False Creek Elementary School
21 Places submission Charlston Park Theatre
Charlston Park Theatre
• Fireweed Collective
• Wayne Turner
• Alice Miro, Siu-Kae Yeong, Marc Trudeau, and Graeme Brown
• Alex Jamieson, Brenda Jamieson, Julia Wagner, Darren Wagner, and Jesse
• Jill Smith, Emily Chu, Kent Munro, Peter Trainor, and Dexster Smith
• Mitchell Edgar
• Andrew Hale
• Shubby Martz-Oberlander
• Janet Morley, Ken Ross, Christine David, and Celly Manirakoze
• Tanis Knowles
• Scott Romses
• CENTROPLEXUS (Monty Walden and Betty Chong)
• Glen Anderson
• Clemens Schneider
• Team PATCHWORK (Erick Villagomez and Caroline Toth)
• David Grigg
• Vancouver Design Nerds (A. Walker, A. Grunenfelder, W. Andrews, C. Weinberg, E. Santos-Brault, R. Andrews)
• SFU Undergraduate Semester in Dialogue (Danielle Baxter, Joy Bernardo, Racheal Morgan, Tawnia Shyanne)
• Bryn Davidson
21 Places exhibition 21 Places award winners
21 Places Exhibition Opening Awarding of certificate to one of 21 finalists

21 Places Ideas Competition Details - Links

The competition was supported by online information that was incorporated into the website developed for the Alternative Futures Housingproject. The finalists’ submissions are posted on the legacy 21 Places web pages within this legacy website, along with details about the competition, profiles of the judges, and photos of the widely-attended exhibition opening. The Commission also conducted a public realm study concurrently with the competition.


21 Places Competition Poster