Chronology of Planning and Development (2015)


Milestones in Vancouver's Planning and Development History: A Chronology

The background material for the Commission's dialogues and other special events often includes a list of significant events in the history of planning and development of the city. In 2014, the Commission initiated a project to substantially improve existing lists with a chronology of milestones that is comprehensive, reliable and informative. One of our partners in this project is the UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, which created a course on Vancouver's planning and development history in which students identified milestones up to 2014. These were entered into an online timeline which was launched in January 2016.


Year in Review: 2015

The VCPC has been working with community partners and advisors to compile a list of planning and development milestones from early settlement by First Nations to the present. The result is an online timeline providing snapshots of significant events, including Council decisions, major real estate developments, federal housing investments, regional plans, new transportation technologies, social policy innovations, and environmental restoration. These milestones from the past inform our discussions about the city’s future. The chronology project is a unique record of planning and development events, decisions and policies in Vancouver’s past and present. It is updated each year with a list of potential milestones which are reviewed five years later with an eye to which ones indeed have been significant.

brainstroming session-300x144In early January, the VCPC hosted two with 40 urban professionals to generate a short list of the defining planning and development decisions, actions and events of 2015 that could prove to be transformative in Vancouver's evolution. Through plenary group reporting, and further comments and discussion, the list was pared down to 15 significant events to take forward for public vetting at an event later in the month.

Panel px-300x127On January 26, the VCPC hosted a "2015 Year in Review event." This event featured a panel discussion moderated by CBC Radio's Stephen Quinn, and four panelists actively involved in planning and development in Vancouver who gave their perspectives on 2015 and issues that matter for the future. The goal was to host a lively and informed conversation with engaged fellow citizens about ideas that matter for the future of the city, with two specific objectives:

  1. Review and comment on a short list of significant planning and development events that happened in 2015 that could have a transformative effect on how the city evolves; and
  2. Launch the first edition of a new online timeline of milestones in Vancouver's planning and development history.

During the event, the four panelists provided their perspectives, while audience participants provided written comments on display panels featuring the proposed significant events, and engaged in moderated discussion with the panelists.

The planning timeline was featured at a dedicated computer station at the Museum of Vancouver, within the exhibition sponsored by the Vancouver Urbanarium Society, Your Future Home: Creating the New Vancouver between January and May 2016 and is available on line on the VCPC website. The timeline and the year in review events have been highly praised by those interested in planning and development in the city. The Commission intends to make this an on-going program in our operating budget.

FloraGordonMoV 5175 WEBPhotograph courtesy of Muesum of Vancouver.