In carrying out its mandate to “represent ideas and opinions about the future of the City of Vancouver,” the Commission organizes a variety of projects to tap into sources of urban knowledge and creative thinking about the City’s future. Past projects have included conferences and workshops, research studies, idea competitions and public lectures, often incorporating significant public engagement.

This Projects section of the website highlights specific projects from recent years. A complete overview of the Commission’s initiatives over the years can be found in the Commission’s reports to Council. Direct links to project reports for selected initiatives can be found in the Library section. Click on project names or images for information.

2015000Chronology of Vancouver's Planning and Development

2015000Dialogues on the downtown waterfront hub, Vancouver's planning culture

2014000Dialogues on regional planning, Vancouver in the 21stC, new city-wide plan

2013000City-wide and regional planning

2012000Round table on the right to adequate housing

2011000A City-wide physical plan for Vancouver?

2009-11 Sustainable City of Sustainable Neighbourhoods

2007-8A City Built for Change

2006-00 Housing Conference: Affordability by Design, Affordability for All

2005-00 Public Realm Ideas Competition: 21 Places for the 21st Century

2004-00 Alternative Futures – Housing


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