SFU City Conversations

The Commission partnered with SFU City Conversations to co-host a public discussion on the future of Vancouver’s downtown waterfront on June 4, 2015.

The Future of Our Downtown Waterfront

A glassy modernist tower looming over historic Waterfront Station. A 30-story tower across the street. Towers replacing the glorious atrium of the historic Sinclair Centre. The city’s best views from its celebration street, hidden for decades by the black maw of a parkade entrance. The only street level views of water and mountains possibly lost. New developments being designed over the train yard. Tens of thousands of people passing daily through the province’s transportation centre, without a reason to linger. A city transportation and development plan lacking an implementation strategy and perhaps needing an update.

Vancouver’s downtown waterfront suddenly is in play, and all these projects and opportunities are on independent tracks. Do landowners and developers make independent decisions, or does the city act as a coordinator, facilitator and advocate for the public?


The lunchtime discussion followed presentations by four panellists:

L to R: Frank Ducote, Graham McGarva, Steve Brown, Anita Molaro

From the City of Vancouver

  • Steve Brown, Manager of Traffic and Data Management, and
  • Anita Molaro, Assistant Director of Planning

From the Downtown Waterfront Working Group

  • Frank Ducote, Principal, Frank Ducote Urban Design

From VIA Architecture:

  • Graham McGarva, Founding Principal.
    VIA is working on designs for a tower at Granville and Cordova Streets, and developments over the CPR rail yard;

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