The Shaping Resiliency Summit explored how Vancouver might benefit from aligning four themes from the New Urban Agenda within the context of the 100RC framework and the experiences of other cities in the 100RC Network.

To help frame the discussion at the Summit, the VCPC prepared four briefing papers on these themes.   Working through the lens of resilience, breakout groups considered how we can move each theme forward, as well as how we might coordinate the integration of current and future plans and initiatives.

Click on the title of each theme for a short backgrounder on the topic.

Shaping Resiliency Themes

  • A City for AllAddressing the issues of inclusion, reconciliation and diversity are fundamental to a resilient future.
  • Communities and Corridors: Resilience requires strong communities that are connected well to one another. Balancing the development of  “place” and “passage” when done well, can support a vibrant civic community. Resilience requires creating community within a variety of built environments, including high rises.
  • Engagement for Real: A resilient city needs to harness the wisdom and skills of its residents—empowering communities to act together to address challenges. There is need to bridge gaps in expectations and to further trust in the engagement process.
  • Financing the Public Good and Public Spaces: Resilience requires that we reconsider how the public good, including investments in infrastructure and public spaces, in prevention and/or restoration, are financed. Are our current financing instruments sustainable and will they be appropriate in the future.