Commentaries – A City-wide Plan for Vancouver?

A City-wide Plan for Vancouver?

In late 2011 the Commission invited a number of the city’s leading urbanists to apply their knowledge and experience of working with Vancouver’s existing land use and development plans, policies and processes. Their backgrounds include transportation, public realm, landscape, buildings, and a range of urban design, planning and development experience.  The contributors were asked to offer some early reflections on the potential for a new (or updated) city wide-physical plan in Vancouver.

The Commission appreciates the willingness of our contributors to share their thoughts on this complex topic when the idea is still emergent, and to raise many of the important questions and issues that will form part of future discussion of this complex topic.

Contributors were asked for submissions of 700-900 words on a perspective or focus of their choice. The list of contributors appears below in alphabetical order, with links to their commentaries. Biographies are included at the conclusion of the author’s commentary. An introductory statement from the Planning Department appears here.


  • Lorraine Copas: Executive Director, Social Planning and Research Council of BC. Building on the Foundation, Looking to the Future
  • Marta Farevaag: Partner, Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg (urban design, landscape architecture). Value of a Physical Plan
  • Jeff Fisher: Deputy Executive Director and Senior Policy Advisor, Urban Development Institute. A Changing Vancouver – More Homes for More People, More Spaces for Jobs
  • Penny Gurstein: Director, UBC School of Community and Regional Planning and of the Centre for Human Settlements. City-wide Land Use and Physical Plan – Commentary and Questions
  • Peter Joyce: President, Bunt & Associates (transportation planning, engineering). Transportation Commentary
  • Linus Lam: Founder, Edison & Sprinkles. My Commentary as a Designer
  • Robert Lemon: Principal, Robert Lemon Architect, Inc. (heritage conservation). Colouring within the lines
  • Dale McClanaghan: Consultant, McClanaghan & Associates (housing, real estate, public policy). Vancouver Housing Affordability: Choosing Our Destiny/Density or Accepting our Fate?
  • Gary Pooni: President, Brook Pooni Associates Inc. (development planning). Unprecedented community growth and change
  • Gordon PricDirector, SFU City Program. Some cold-water considerations
  • Andrew Ramlo: Director, Urban Futures Institute Society. Unprecedented Demographic Change
  • Bob Wilds: Managing Director, Greater Vancouver Gateway Council. Industrial and Economic Vitality
  • Jay Wollenberg: President, Coriolis Consulting Corp. (real estate, land use). A City-wide Plan for Vancouver?