Adaptability Research

The Commission invited two interns — students at the UBC School of Community and Regional Planning — to examine the theme of adaptability in the Vancouver context.  The research of both students contributed to the outcomes of the A City Built for Change initiative.

Cities Building for Change

Keltie Craig looked at urban spaces that are rebelling against North American monoculture. She argued that the idea of ‘local identity’ is in danger of being lost. Cities in motion can combat this monotony, creating new experiences that catch the viewer unaware and wake us to our surroundings. Her paper looked at the drivers of change are in the built environment and society—both physical and social factors.


How Does Vancouver Adapt for Change?

R.J. McCulloch examined the opportunities of adaptable built form drawing on examples from the UK, USA and Europe, arguing that an important change in our mindset must occur. Today’s challenge is not simply to save old buildings from demolition, but to understand the characteristics of these old structures that have made them adaptable to change, and then to incorporate these features into contemporary design techniques.