A City Built for Change

In 2007, in a climate of intense public discussion about densification as a strategy for sustainable urban growth and development during debates about the City’s Ecodensity initiative, the Commission set out to explore the theme of adaptability — in buildings, in space, in policy — as an essential feature of adaptability. The culmination of the initiative was to be the drafting of a Change Charter for Vancouver.

Vancouver Change Charter
The VCPC Vancouver Change Charter. Click to download a pdf version

Public Engagement Events

Adaptability Ideas Forum

Under the umbrella theme A City Built for Change, the Commission organized a number of public engagement and speaker events, including:

  • Public lecture by Metro Portland Councilor Robert Liberty on the politics of change in cities.
  • Summit on Change workshop with a diverse group of Vancouver’s thinkers, dreamers and activists gathered to share reflections on change in the city.
  • Public lecture by Robert Kronenburg from Liverpool University, author of Flexible: Architecture That Responds to Change, on adaptable architecture and city building.
  • Adaptability Ideas Forum: two workshops, one for students and one for professionals, to examine opportunities for adaptability.
  • Adaptability Research: The Commission invited two UBC School of Community and Regional Planning students to examine the theme of adaptability in the Vancouver context.

Related Initiatives

The Commission also carried out related initiatives including:

  • YouMapVancouver: a community asset pilot project in two neighbourhoods combining traditional public engagement approaches with online mapping and community festival events.
  • Market Rental Housing proposal to increase the supply of market rental housing and decreasing the cost.
YouMap festival site

For a description of these initiatives including project documents and reports, please visit the legacy website, A City Built for Change.