Alternative Futures: Housing

Following a widely attended public forum on housing in 2003, the Commission engaged a diverse group of talented individuals in the development of an online set of resources to stimulate and support a dialogue about alternative futures for housing in the city.

Explore the future of housing in Vancouver (2004)

The following questions guided the direction of the project:

  • How do we make Vancouver affordable so all of our citizens and their children can continue to live in our city?
  • How do we ensure availability and choice of housing to meet the changing demographic of our city?
  • How do we increase supply and advance a strategy of moderate densification while protecting the integrity of our diverse and distinct communities and neighbourhoods?

Resources and Information

The resources developed included videos of interviews, slide shows, and interactive presentations dealing with our housing challenges and examining the diverse  housing issues confronting Vancouver. Themes covered included housing choice, affordability, and our neighbourhoods.

The material was organized on a website which has been partly restored. The legacy website hosts videos, maps, photos, documents and graphics organized into three sets. (Please note that most of the videos were produced for viewing only on Windows computers.)

The online content is organized in three sets:


Infill Housing Tour

An exploration of infill housing, combining interviews with the participants with slides and ‘virtual reality’ 3-D images.

The five types of infill housing showcased are Coach House, Heritage Conversion, Commercial Conversion, Multiplex Suites, and Secondary Suites.


Living in the City

Interviews, slide shows and graphics on five themes.

Affordability and Choice – CMHC
Building Green
Demographics & Density
Residential Hotels
Fabulous Futures

Points of View

Ten interview with informed citizens about current and future housing issues (links to YouTube videos):

Michael Audain, developer
Lance Berelowitz, urban designer
Robert Brown, small scale developer
Patrick Condon, UBC landscape architect
Moura Quayle, UBC Dean
Gordon  Price, former city councillor
Jane Jacobs, urbanist & author
Cheeying Ho, sustainability professional
Philip Owen, former mayor and city councillor
Bob Ransford, public affairs consultant

Participants and Supporters

The legacy website also provides background information about the project, along with lists of volunteers and ofsupporters and contributors.

Alternative Futures - Housing (2004)