Co-Design Workshop Report

On the evening of November 12, 2019 VCPC hosted a Co-design Workshop at Citylab. The purpose of the workshop was to work with representatives of other city advisory groups and community partners to help design VCPC’s May 2020 Summit which will focus broadly on Places, Spaces and Connections. There was also a desire to consider how the VCPC Summit might contribute to the City of Vancouver’s City-wide Planning process.

Input into identifying themes for VCPC’s May 2020 Summit were solicited through questions to guide small group discussions as well as through a survey of participants. The discussions were rich, expanding beyond addressing the questions asked. The presentation from the City, and the idea of engagement with the city-wide planning process, were clearly on people’s minds, as was the overall focus on Design of Places and Spaces and the built form.

The design aspects of community building include tactical investments in social infrastructure and community interaction which bring people together more often.

Grant Duckworth

The main themes that emerged from the table discussions were:

  1. Engagement and inclusive planning processes;
  2. Importance of community and identity; and,
  3. Change.

The top three topics selected for inclusion in the 2020 Summit were:

  1. Housing;
  2. Climate Crisis; and,
  3. Transportation.