The following questions were asked by audience members during the conversation. While panelists were not able to respond to most of these questions, they have been recorded and will be considered by Commissioners in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned for updates and responses.

#QuestionAsker Name
1When we talk about decolonizing we talk about what needs to change and what needs to be dismantled, should we also discuss what can be carried over from colonization?Adam Knight
2Don’t we need to slow down development in order to effectively consider all these perspectives?Cabot Lyford
3How can we begin to make changes to zoning and land uses that are exclusionary and  racist at their core?Lani Brunn
4Can we discuss how engagement requirements and funding does not result in listening to the groups and people who need to be heard?Lani Brunn
5Much public consultation is currently dominated by white, wealthy homeowners. How do we do it better?Owen Brady
6How do you think the identities of the elected officials  (including council, parks board, and VSB) will impact the success of the VCPC’s work?Megan Lau
7Further to some other great questions posed above, the safety of certain individuals in this city is threatened over-policing and a lack of resources that support mental health, addictions and poverty-related issues. We need a safer city for all.Jessica Wadsworth
8How can we begin to meaningfully bridge the gap between marginalized peoples and those in positions of power and privilege, especially during this time of social distancing? What are some useful ways we can keep up this type of engagement virtually?Shalen Chen
9How is renaming of places/spaces part of a just city?Kyla Epstein
10Sierra Tasi Baker, beyond the token and vapid ‘acknowledgement that we live on unceded territory’ what is the next step in reconciliation action?Caleb Westerby
11Question for Veronika: what are youth telling you about the future city they want? What does it look like? Are neighbourhoods different?Charles Mongomery
12Thank you, panelists.  Do you think we are capable of articulating a broadly shared analysis of, and vision for, our city?Mark Roseland
13The speaker’s seem to highlighting the difficulties of communities that are not prioritized in the democratic system.If you fall outside of the “middle class” or “the wealthy” the system does not cater to you… Is the problem democracy and its compromises that are aimed at getting the support/votes of a certain homogeneous bloc?Adam Knight
14Question for Sierra: while the TRC and MMIW reports have done a lot of the work for documenting truth of the violence committed by several institutions in Canada are our land based truths sufficiently uncovered to pursue reconcillation in planning? Do cities need to do more work on the truth of land displacement and cultural erasure violence committed by them?Craig Jorgensen
15Question for Sierra: When you look at the conceptual images of the Senakw development, do you feel differently than when you look at the ‘cigarette box’ buildings in the rest of the city?David Schwartz
16Who is accountable when engagement happens and participants feel their time is wasted (and harm is caused, as Sierra is speaking to)?Megan Lau
17I’ve read Amina’s good and thought-provoking article. With CPTED having originated from a place of white privilege, how do we make public spaces safe for all races, cultures, and genders without incorporating some aspect of “natural surveillance” ?Steve Butler
18How do we address the timeline in the context of British Coumbia’s positioning in the global economy? Will businesses feel insecure that the process of decolonisation will render them incompetitive?  How do we reassure that they will remain afloat during this transition?Sasha Van Wie