Comments to Mayor and Council

Under our mandate, the Commission is looked to for comment on city issues on Council’s current or upcoming agendas. Planning staff often meet with Commissioners to seek feedback on policy and planning directions. On some topics, the Commission undertakes a deeper study of a topic leading to a written comment to Council. The comment may be presented during the Council meeting on the agenda item, or submitted as a memorandum to Mayor and Council.

Here is a sampling of  the Planning Commission’s Comments to Mayor and Council on selected topics:

2019 February 2018 Report on Activities 
2019 February Milestones 2018 – Year in Review 
2019 January Regulation Redesign Input and Feedback
[Comments to city staff]]
2018 June Heather Street Lands
2018 April Langara Golf Course
2018 March 2017 Report on Activities 
2018 March VanPlay Deep Dive 
2018 March Milestones 2017 – Year in Review 
2017 December Millennium Line Broadway Extension Planning 
2017 June Chinatown Economic Revitalization and Development 
2017 March Arbutus Corridor + Millennium Line Planning  
2016 December Downtown Public Space Inventory and Plan  
2016 December Arbutus Greenway Temporary Path  
2016 November Heritage Action Plan Recommendations [Comments to city staff]] 
2016 February Central Waterfront Hub  
2015 October Viaducts Removal  
2013 September Community Plans Timeline Extension  
2013 June Viaducts  
2013 June Regional Context Statement  [Comments to city staff]  
2012 July Viaducts  [Comments to city staff 
2012 July Transportation Plan 2040 Draft Directions  
2011 February Casino Expansion  
2010 May Development Cost Levy Inflationary Adjustment  
2010 January Historic Area Height Review  
2009 October Northeast False Creek High Level Review  
2008 October Laneway Housing  
2008 June Ecodensity