Chat Transcript

The chat transcript from our October 27, 20o20 event, AFTERSHOCK: Looking back at 1918 for a view of Vancouver’s future.

00:37:52 Yuri Artibise VCPC: Closed Captioning is provided by Accurate Realtime Inc.  

00:39:18 Yuri Artibise VCPC: Speaker Bios  

00:40:55 Yuri Artibise VCPC: Mary W. Rowe, President & CEO Canadian Urban Institute

00:41:25 Kelley Lee: As an SFU faculty member, I acknowledge that I am speaking from the unceded and occupied Traditional Coast Salish Lands including the Tsleil-Waututh (səl̓ilw̓ətaʔɬ), Kwikwetlem (kʷikʷəƛ̓əm), Squamish (Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw) and Musqueam (xʷməθkʷəy̓əm) Nations.

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00:43:49 Yuri Artibise VCPC: Citytalk Canada

00:44:02 iain marjoribanks: excellent use of cussing

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00:50:11 Yuri Artibise VCPC: Wade Grant

00:50:22 Mary W Rowe: strategic 🙂

00:54:29 Yuri Artibise VCPC: Dr. Kelley Lee

00:55:08 same same: The worst smallpox epidemic was the one in 1782, 104 years before Vancouver was founded, which hit the Sto:lo people hard and reduced its population by more than half.

01:01:35 Yuri Artibise VCPC: John Atkin

01:01:56 Leslie Shieh: @Dr. Lee, Thank you for sharing your family’s story.

01:15:42 Gord Redmond: Previous Canadian Events:

  • 1917 Halifax Explosion
  • Feb 1918 victims in China: Disease in the Wind
  • June 1918 Canadian Troops returned
    • Cold-like stuffy nose and coughing
    • Severe muscle and join aches
  • Trains travelled from the east and filled VGH and public health was activated.

01:33:40 Kelley Lee: Great question from David thank you.  I hope that we come away from this understanding that each of us needs to reflect on how we live on this earth.  Human impacts on the planet are actually contributing to the emergence of new zoonotic diseases, as well as, climate change.  We need to connect the dots on the various issues we are being confronted with.

01:37:51 ileana pietrobruno: The influenza killed the young. Parents lost not one child but all their children.  Today it is the older generation that will disappear. It will be a world of young people.

01:39:35 Kelley Lee:

01:40:22 Kelley Lee:

01:42:03 Kelley Lee: Yes agree Gord and we need to work hard not to leave anyone behind in our planning.

01:42:13 Kath Gee: While it’s heartening there is global cooperation with solutions to the pandemic, the vaccine “discovery” does not give me comfort as it seems big Pharma will move in to benefit and control.

01:42:59 Islam Ibrahim: Thank you so much for this informative discussion. Appreciate hearing all the different voices, ideas, and even generations/backgrounds! Can’t wait until the next webinar and more discussions on the issue.

Would love to hear any comments or thoughts you have on “Urban Reflections” which is a series of articles hoping to open dialogue for a post-pandemic world

01:43:26 Kath Gee: Governments need to ensure that vaccines are publicly controlled and made accessible to all.

01:57:31 David Secord: Hear Hear what Mary said

01:58:00 David Secord: Thank you so much John, Kelley, Wade, and Uytae!

01:58:04 Alicia Matas: Great event tonight.  Well done.  Many thanks to the panelists

01:58:13 David Secord: Et le chat.

01:59:03 ileana pietrobruno: THANK-YOU Panelists. Very engaging and interesting. You are all Brilliant!

01:59:13 Kath Gee: thank you all!

01:59:24 Mary W Rowe: thanks everybody!

02:00:15 John Atkin: It was pleasure to meet everyone tonight

02:00:46 Kelley Lee: Thanks for joining everyone – keep safe and well

02:01:07 Marnie Tamaki: thanks all