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Invitation to Participate

On December 4, 2018, the Vancouver City Planning Commission (VCPC) is hosting a Summit on “A City for All.” The full day invitational “A City for All”summit is intended to engage 200 thought leaders and influencers from the community and various sectors including the not-for-profit, business, academic, and government (First Nations, municipal, provincial and federal) sectors. Invitations will include people from groups traditionally underrepresented.

If you and/or your organization would like to be part of the 2018 City for All Summit, there are several ways to participate depending on your organization’s capacity:

  1. Host a partner event or activity and share your lessons about  best/wise practice for creating a City for All.
  2. Apply to share a recent or current project, event, report with recommendations, research or performance at the summit which showcases best/wise practices for creating a City for All.
  3. Attend the Summit as a delegate and/or refer other organizations who should be invited.

If you are interested in getting in other ways that are not listed here, do not hesitate to contact Nola Kate Seymoar, Chair of VCPC at

Hosting a Pre-Summit Partner Event or Activity

Leading up to the summit, partner organizations are invited to host pre-summit events about one or more of the themes of the City for All Summit including belonging, equity, and places/spaces. The intent of these pre-summit events is to share the learning from partner initiatives that tie into the Summit’s themes. The goal of these pre-summit partner events is to explore, reflect on, demonstrate what it means to be a City for All and to co-create recommendations to advance this agenda.

Examples of a pre-summit event range from public storytelling events, outdoor performances, sharing a meal – to meetings convened with specific groups with an interest in the topic who wish to contribute to the recommendations.

Criteria for Participation

  • Activities must fit into one of the three themes of Belonging, Equity, and Spaces and Places, OR one of the two overarching frameworks of Intersectionality and Reconciliation.
  • The location and timing of partner events leading up to the Summit are determined by partner groups and should  occur before Saturday, October 13, 2018.
  • Event summaries with lessons and/or recommendations must be sent to the VCPC Planning Committee by Friday, October 31, 2018.

Value of Participation

  • Participating in a learning network with other Vancouver organizations working in this field.
  • Sharing your successes (or failures) with other groups and building synergy among our efforts.
  • Using the opportunity of the Summit to strengthen recommendations and bring them forward to key decision makers in community organizations, at the city, and higher levels of government.

Our Commitment to Partners

  • The VCPC will form a Steering Committee to co-design the Summit, half of whom will be from our Partners.
  • While maintaining the right to edit and consolidate material, the VCPC, in collaboration with the Summit Steering Committee, will attempt to honor the spirit and meaning of the materials submitted by partners.
  • Partners who have applied and been accepted will be acknowledged in the program, and at the summit on Tuesday, December 4, 2018.

Suggested Questions to Explore

You are welcome to approach the subject of “A City for All” in any manner that you wish. The following ideas are meant only as suggestions that might stimulate discussion.

  • What does a ‘City for All’ look like in the context of Vancouver, and what are its benefits?
  • Who is being left behind, and what facilitates the ability of individuals to be resilient citizens in an environment of growing inequality and polarization?
  • How can intersectionality (the overlap of different social identities) and its cumulative effects be turned to advantage rather than disadvantage residents?
  • Would diversifying our existing organizations and structures contribute to reconciliation?
  • Does belonging to local community groups improve a broader sense of citizen engagement and equity?


If you/your organization is interested in being involved in the VCPC “A City for All” Summit, please fill out the following Partner Form. The form is also available at:

If you have any questions or would like to reach out, feel free to get in touch with: Yuri Artibise, Executive Director of VCPC at 604-992 4197 or by email at