Our Work

The mandate of the Vancouver City Planning Commission (VCPC) is to advise City Council on matters relating to the planning and development of the City as citizens of the City of Vancouver; and in particular, to represent ideas and opinions about the future of the city and to consider and report to Council on any proposal likely to have a significant effect on this future.

The Commission aspires to serve as a catalyst for dialogue and action, using our convening power to work together with partners, thus bringing forward to Mayor and Council the best advice we can on behalf of Vancouver citizens. The Commission is aware of its small size, limited resources, and the need to work within a regional context, particularly on matters such as resilience.

Here is a sample of some of the VCPC’s current and past projects.

  • A City for All: The Planning Commission is exploring how diversity, inclusion and reconciliation can contribute to improving Vancouver’s resilience in the face of shocks and stresses. (2018)
  • Shaping Resiliency: A city summit on the importance of resiliency to the future of Vancouver. (2017)
  • Alternate Futures: Alternative Futures Housing & 21 Places for the 21st Century Ideas Competition. (2004-2005)