October 2018

A weekly roundup of news stories and articles that may be of interest to the Vancouver city planning community. This list is updated every Thursday afternoon.

October 25, 2018

An interview with SCARP’s new director

scarp.ubc.ca | UBC SCARP | Tagged: UBC SCARP

The Things Cities Could Do Now to Cut Climate Emissions—Fast

CityLab | @CityLab | 2018-10-17 | Tagged: sustainability, resilience, transportation, development

City elections are about the small stuff – and the big stuff, too

The Globe and Mail | Alex Bozikovic | 2018-10-22 | Tagged: politics, cities

Opinion: Making more room to address Vancouver’s housing crisis

Vancouver Sun | Leonora Angeles | 2018-10-23 | Tagged: City of Vancouver, politics, housing

Trouble in Paradise: BC’s Local Elections Shake Up Housing Policy

Sightline Institute | Michael Andersen | 2018-10-24 | Tagged: politics, housing, region

Meet your new Vancouver city councillors

Vancouver Courier | @VanCourierNews | 2018-10-24 | Tagged: City of Vancouver, politics

October 18, 2018

The new ways to get citizens involved in urban design

www.smh.com.au | @smh | 2018-10-01 | Tagged: urban design, Engagement for Real

What would an age-friendly city look like?

The Guardian | Alice Grahame | 2018-10-10 | Tagged: urban design, A City for All

Designing for the Other Four Senses

THE DIRT | @landarchitects | 2018-10-10 | Tagged: urban design, architecture

Alex Boston: TransLink’s renewable energy leadership a model for bus fleets throughout B.C.

Georgia Straight Vancouver’s News & Entertainment Weekly | @georgiastraight | 2018-10-11 | Tagged: TransLink, transit, sustainability

Brian Minter: Urban forests key to managing climate change, UBC conference hears

Vancouver Sun | @vancouversun | 2018-10-13 | Tagged: sustainability, resilience, climate change

B.C. government moves ahead with speculation tax on vacant homes | CBC News

www.cbc.ca | @cbc | 2018-10-16 | Tagged: BC Gov’t, housing

Better Buildings BC incentive plan aims for zero – constructconnect.com – Journal Of Commerce

Journal Of Commerce | 2018-10-17 | Tagged: architecture, sustainability, BC Gov’t

October 11, 2018

Q&A: Is building low-carbon neighbourhoods sustainable?

Delta Optimist | Joannah Connolly | 2018-09-28 | Tagged: urban design, sustainability

Vancouver opens the door to duplexes

The Globe and Mail | @globeandmail | 2018-10-04 | Tagged: City of Vancouver, housing, zoning

Housing, homelessness and a history of discrimination come together at 1 Vancouver intersection | CBC News

www.cbc.ca | Margaret Gallagher | 2018-10-06 | Tagged: housing, A City for All, urban planning

What would an age-friendly city look like?

the Guardian | Alice Grahame | 2018-10-10 | Tagged: A City for All, urban design, housing

Union Gospel Mission, UBC release report on homelessness and affordability

Vancouver Sun | Jennifer Saltman | 2018-10-11 | Tagged: housing, A City for All

October 4, 2018

Why Good Design Is a Public Good

CityLab | John Cary | 2017-12-26 | Tagged: urban design, A City for All

Three lessons in designing cities for everyone

knightfoundation.org | Susan Nienaber | 2018-08-06 | Tagged: A City for All, public space, Engagement for Real

Gil Kelley: Duplex zoning is just the start of city-wide planning process

Vancouver Sun | Gil Kelley | 2018-09-28 | Tagged: City of Vancouver, zoning, housing

Was Vision Vancouver ‘Addicted’ to Selling Rezoning?

The Tyee | Christopher Cheung | 2018-10-01 | Tagged: City of Vancouver, zoning, CACs

Vancouver hosts global conference of city greening experts

RCI | English | Levon Sevunts | 2018-10-01 | Tagged: sustainability, urban design, public space

Win-Win Solutions for Climate Protection and Health

Planetizen | Todd Litman | 2018-10-02 | Tagged: transportation, active transportation, public health, resilience

The most populated area in Canada without its own government is in Metro Vancouver

www.cbc.ca | Justin McElroy | 2018-10-03 | Tagged: UBC, urban planning, Metro Vancouver

Opinion: ‘YIMBYism’ key to Vancouver’s housing challenges

Vancouver Sun | Jan Robinson and Carolina Ibarra | 2018-10-03 | Tagged: housing, urban planning, zoning

Questioning the strategic role of architects in city making

The Fifth Estate | Philip Graus | 2018-10-03 | Tagged: architecture, urban design, placemaking