11 Milestones that will Shape Vancouver’s Future


Local urbanistand former Commissioner—Jillian Glover  wrote this recap of the VCPC's 2016 milestones on her website, This City Life.

What are the significant events, activities and decisions in 2016 that will shape Vancouver’s future?

Earlier this fall, the Vancouver City Planning Commission put together a preliminary list of 2016 planning milestones that was reviewed by planners, architects, landscape architects, developers, urban historians and engaged urbanists. The list was put to a vote and the final results were presented and debated at an event last week. It included panelists such as the former Mayor of Vancouver and Premier of BC, Mike Harcourt, and Carla Guerrera, a leader in real estate development and urban planning. 

Here is the list published by the VCPC, in order of significance. I agree that all of the items on the list will have a significant impact on Vancouver’s future (except maybe the launch of bike-sharing - do we have statistics on the success of the program since its launch?). It is worth noting that many of these milestones are “good news” planning goodies. What is not mentioned are the negative trends affecting them, such as the city’s homeless count, which was the highest ever recorded in 2016, and the benchmark price of a home in Greater Vancouver, which rose by 31.4 per cent to $933,100 in one year.

Visit Jillian's website to see the full list!