September 2018

A weekly roundup of news stories and articles that may be of interest to the Vancouver city planning community. This list is updated every Thursday afternoon.

September 27, 2018

Urban Planning as Settler Colonialism: Lessons from Seattle’s Past

@SeattleChannel | 2018-03-30 | Tagged: urban planning, Indigenous culture, history

Large-scale harvesting of data helping to create ‘smart cities’ of tomorrow

The Globe and Mail | Paul Attfield | 2018-09-13 | Tagged: smart cities, data, public space, transportation

Why architecture is no longer a ‘gentleman’s profession’ – the women removing the glass ceiling

The Independent | Reed Kroloff | 2018-09-19 | Tagged: architecture, diversity, A City for All

How can architects build the equitable discipline we deserve? | Jonathan Massey | 2018-09-20 | Tagged: architecture, inequality, A City for All

MAP: Vancouver just gave 15 public spaces new names. Is one in your neighbourhood?

Global News | Simon Little | 2018-09-20 | Tagged: placemaking, A City for All, history, City of Vncouver

Vancouver taking notes on Seattle’s ‘urban villages’ strategy for affordable housing | Anna Dimoff | 2018-09-20 | Tagged: urban design, urban planning, housing

Vancouver’s new duplex rules explained | CBC News | Karin Larsen | 2018-09-20 | Tagged: City of Vancouver, housing, zoning

Rezoning application submitted for new St. Paul’s Hospital development

Vancouver Courier | Naoibh O’Connor | 2018-09-21 | Tagged: urban planning, development, False Creek Flats

‘Let’s bring back the dignity of walking’: being on foot in your city

the Guardian | @mlle_elle | 2018-09-21 | Tagged: urban design, walking

Metro Vancouver mayors endorse TransLink’s emissions, energy goals

Vancouver Sun | Jennifer Saltman | 2018-09-21 | Tagged: TransLink, transit, sustainability

Social infrastructure can help save us from the ravages of climate change | Eric Klinenberg | 2018-09-23 | Tagged: public space, resilience, climate change, A City for All

Is Planning a Man’s World? Why “Manels”, All Male Panels are Wrong in the 21st Century

Price Tags | Sandy James | 2018-09-24 | Tagged: urban planning, diversity, A City for All

Vancouver removes perplexing roadblock to affordable housing

The Globe and Mail | Adrienne Tanner | 2018-09-24 | Tagged: City of Vncouver, housing

Residents increasingly share a dim view of real estate developers

Business in Vancouver | Mario Canseco | 2018-09-25 | Tagged: development, real estate, housing

Cowlines app puts environmental spin on trip-planning technology | Wanyee Li | 2018-09-26 | Tagged: active transportation, transportation, smart cities

A City-Wide Plan: Gil Kelley’s amazing announcement that almost went unnoticed

Price Tags | Gordon Price | 2018-09-27 | Tagged: City of Vancouver, urban planning

September 20, 2018

Is Missing Middle Really Missing?

Pedestrian Observations | Alon Levy | 2018-09-10 | Tagged: urban design, density, housing

3 Ways to Create More Resilient Communities

Scientific American Blog Network | Sandro Galea, Joan Saba | 2018-09-10 | Tagged: resilience, sustainability, public health, architecture

All housing is political: Author makes the case for democratizing where we live

The Globe and Mail | Kerry Gold | 2018-09-12 | Tagged: housing, A City for All

For “hip-hop architect” Michael Ford, rap holds the key to a just society

Georgia Straight | Lucy Lau | 2018-09-15 | Tagged: architecture, A City for All, Engagement for Real, housing

Prof provides ‘cheat sheet’ to help communities learn Indigenous greetings | Anna Dimoff | 2018-09-15 | Tagged: A City for All, Indigenous culture

Lost Japanese neighbourhood rediscovered in Vancouver heritage home designation

Georgia Straight | Carlito Pablo | 2018-09-17 | Tagged: heritage, A City for All, neighbourhoods

Vancouver pushes to get World Heritage Site designation for Chinatown

CTVNews | @CTVNews | 2018-09-17 | Tagged: Chinatown, heritage

World Heritage status would make Vancouver’s Chinatown permanent symbol of resilience, B.C. says | @cbc | 2018-09-17 | Tagged: Chinatown, heritage, resilience

Public packs city hall for divided debate on allowing duplexes across Vancouver | Michelle Ghoussoub | 2018-09-19 | Tagged: housing, City of Vancouver, politics

Vancouver City Council approves $2 billion housing mandate | Rattan Mall | 2018-09-19 | Tagged: City of Vancouver, housing

The rebirth of X̱wáy̓x̱way, X̱epx̱páy̓em and Iy̓ál̓mexw as Vancouver place names

Vancouver Sun | John Mackie | 2018-09-19 | Tagged: Vancouver, history, Indigenous culture

99 per cent of Vancouver single-family neighbourhoods now zoned for duplexes

Global News | Simon Little | 2018-09-20 | Tagged: City of Vancouver, housing, politics, neighbourhoods

September 13, 2018

B.C. renters set to face biggest rent increase since 2004 | @cbc | 2018-09-07 | Tagged: housing, BC Gov’t

Politicians set sights on housing speculation, not supply, at UBCM summit | Jen St. Denis | 2018-09-10 | Tagged: housing, politics, UBCM

How BC’s Soaring Real Estate Prices Made the Rich Richer

The Tyee | @thetyee | 2018-09-11 | Tagged: housing, inequality, A City for All

Climate Action That Overlooks Equity Issues Is a Missed Opportunity for Cities

CityLab | @CityLab | 2018-09-12 | Tagged: resilience, inequality, A City for All, climate change

Plans for new St. Paul’s Hospital in False Creek Flats revealed • urbanYVR

urbanYVR | @urbanyvr | 2018-09-13 | Tagged: urban planning, urban design, False Creek Flats, development

Cities grapple with ‘Airbnb effect’ on rentals, but so far the data is limited

Financial Post | @financialpost | 2018-09-13 | Tagged: housing, real estate, AirBnB

September 6, 2018

UBCM | Progress on Housing | @ubcm | 2018-09-05 | Tagged: UBCM, housing, BC Gov’t

Canada’s most livable city is not Vancouver…it’s Calgary

The Conversation | Meg Holden | 2018-09-05 | Tagged: livability, A City for All, housing, neighbourhoods

Even if You Build It, They Might Not Come: Animating City Spaces

CityLab | @CityLab | 2018-09-05 | Tagged: public space, urban design

Development ‘moratorium’ on Broadway corridor ‘doesn’t make sense,’ developers association says | The Star | Melanie Green | 2018-09-06 | Tagged: Broadway Corridor, housing, real estate, urban planning, zoning, Communities and Corridors

Thousands of listings pulled off Airbnb as Vancouver’s new rules come into effect

CTVNews | @CTVNews | 2018-09-06 | Tagged: housing, AirBnB, City of Vancouver

TransLink launches new mobility grant program for academics

Vancouver Sun | @vancouversun | 2018-08-31 | Tagged: transit, TransLink, research

Is This the End for Vancouver’s ‘Single-Family’ Neighbourhoods? | The Tyee

The Tyee | @thetyee | 2018-08-31 | Tagged: housing, VCPC, zoning, Vancouver, The Tyee

Dynamic Planning for Affordability

Planetizen – Urban Planning News, Jobs, and Education | Todd Litman | 2018-09-04 | Tagged: urban planning, housing

Land wealth is a massive source of inequality in BC

Canadian Centre For Policy Alternatives | Alex Hemingway | 2018-09-04 | Tagged: economy, inequality, A City for All, real estate

UBC study finds Vancouver is the unhappiest city in Canada

Vancouver Courier | @VanCourierNews | 2018-09-04 | Tagged: A City for All, social inclusion, urban design

‘Everybody fits in’: inside the Canadian cities where minorities are the majority

The Guardian | @guardian | 2018-09-04 | Tagged: A City for All, social inclusion, demographics

Federal government confirms investment in Surrey LRT and Broadway subway line

Global News | @globalnews | 2018-09-04 | Tagged: Communities and Corridors, transit, infrastructure, Broadway Corridor

Connecting the Arbutus Greenway to the Seawall

Vancouver Public Space Network | @vpsn | 2018-09-05 | Tagged: VPSN, Arbutus Greenway, Communities and Corridors, public space, urban planning, cycling, walking

Forget Universal Basic Income. We Need Universal Basic Mobility. | 2025AD | 2018-09-05 | Tagged: transportation, mobility, A City for All

City of Vancouver mulls sale of Arbutus Corridor lands to CP Rail for $1

Vancouver Sun | @vancouversun | 2018-09-05 | Tagged: Arbutus Greenway, Vancouver Sun, transportation, City of Vancouver, Communities and Corridors

9 books to read about transit

The Buzzer | Tanushree Pillai | 2018-09-06 | Tagged: transit, books

Vancouver votes in favour of Arbutus Corridor sale back to CP Rail for $1

Vancouver Sun | @vancouversun | 2018-09-06 | Tagged: active transportation, Arbutus Greenway, City of Vancouver

Thousands of listings pulled off Airbnb as Vancouver’s new rules come into effect

CTVNews | @CTVNews | 2018-09-06 | Tagged: housing, regulations, AirBnB