May 2019

A weekly roundup of news stories and articles that may be of interest to the Vancouver city planning community. This list is updated every Thursday afternoon.

May 30, 2019

The YIMBYs are coming for your single-family neighborhood
Grist | Philip Kiefer | 2019-05-21 | Tagged: zoning, city-wide plan, housing
Canadians trust municipal governments most to deliver better quality of life | Federation of Canadian Municipalities | 2019-05-23 | Tagged: local government, quality of life
Self-care isn’t enough. We need community care to thrive. | Heather Dockray | 2019-05-24 | Tagged: A City for All, community
How ‘community-driven’ Indigenous architecture is transforming space | @cbc | 2019-05-26 | Tagged: Indigenous culture, architecture, public space
New St. Paul’s Hospital design rejected by City of Vancouver panel over aesthetics
Daily Hive | Kenneth Chan | 2019-05-27 | Tagged: industrial lands, urban design, St. Pauls Hospital
‘People aren’t disabled, their city is’: inside Europe’s most accessible city
the Guardian | Emily Yates | 2019-05-28 | Tagged: accessibility, A City for All, urban design
Van councillor proposes temporary hotels in new rental apartments
NEWS 1130 | Laisia Kretzel | 2019-05-28 | Tagged: City of Vancouver, housing, DCLs
The real costs of cheap parking
Driving | Steve Bochenek | 2019-05-28 | Tagged: parking
Here’s What We Know about Vancouver’s Huge New West Side Development
The Tyee | Christopher Cheung | 2019-05-29 | Tagged: Jericho Lands, urban planning, Indigenous
100% by 2050 – Vancouver’s roadmap to urban sustainability
Modern Diplomacy | @mdiplomacyworld | 2019-05-29 | Tagged: City of Vancouver, sustainability, climate change
Metro renters pummelled by demovictions and gentrification
Vancouver Sun | Douglas Todd: | 2019-05-30 | Tagged: housing, gentrification

May 23, 2019

Engagement does not equal inclusion | @evergreencanada | 2019-05-13 | Tagged: social inclusion, Engagement for Real
Opinion | The Suburbs Are Coming to a City Near You | Candace Jackson | 2019-05-18 | Tagged: cities, suburbs, real estate
Having a Library or Café Down the Block Could Change Your Life
The Atlantic | Daniel Cox & Ryan Streeter | 2019-05-20 | Tagged: social inclusion, urban design, public space, public amenities
From bleak to bustling: how one French town solved its high street crisis
the Guardian | Angelique Chrisafis | 2019-05-20 | Tagged: Communities and Corridors, retail, urban design
What does ‘consultation’ mean on occupied Sḵwx̱wú7mesh land?
National Observer | Stephanie Wood | 2019-05-22 | Tagged: reconciliation, city planning
Vancouver hopeful about outcome from moderate-income rental experiment
Vancouver Sun | Derrick Penner | 2019-05-22 | Tagged: City of Vancouver, housing
Why Public Spaces Are Critical Social Infrastructure | Dan Horigan | 2019-05-22 | Tagged: public space, public health, A City for All, social inclusion
Climate crisis tops concerns for Metro Vancouver chair
Vancouver Sun | Nick Eagland | 2019-05-23 | Tagged: Metro Vancouver, region, climate change, resilience

May 17, 2019

How to make cities more child-friendly Financial Times | Simon Kuper | 2017-05-12 | Tagged: A City for All, urban design, children
Uber, Lyft say they help ease traffic congestion. New study says otherwise. | Jaclyn Jeffrey-Wilensky | 2019-05-08 | Tagged: transportation, technology
PIBC Announces Winners of 2019 Awards for Excellence in Planning and Individual Achievement | PIBC | 2019-05-08 | Tagged: PIBC, city planning
An Architecture Policy for Canada | Lisa Landrum | 2019-05-08 | Tagged: architecture, urban design
Bob Joseph Is Back with Tips for Making ‘Reconciliation a Reality’ | The Tyee The Tyee | Katie Hyslop | 2019-05-09 | Tagged: Indigenous, reconciliation
Why You Should Always Share Your Results | Lisa Attygalle | 2019-05-09 | Tagged: Engagement for Real
Over 1,000 City Planning Library reports now available! | Sharon Walz | 2019-05-09 | Tagged: city planning, City of Vancouver
Climate at top of the agenda for southwest B.C.’s local government conference | CBC News | Justin McElroy | 2019-05-09 | Tagged: local government, climate change, region
Vancouver tests VanSlam earthquake response Vancouver Sun | Tiffany Crawford | 2019-05-10 | Tagged: resilience
City of Vancouver exploring big redesign of English Bay and Sunset beaches Daily Hive | @iamkennethchan | 2019-05-10 | Tagged: City of Vancouver, parks, active transportation, infrastructure, city planning
City with a female face: how modern Vienna was shaped by women the Guardian | @mlle_elle | 2019-05-14 | Tagged: women, A City for All
Province to study North Shore-Vancouver rapid transit line North Shore News | @BrentRichter | 2019-05-14 | Tagged: transit, region, infrastructure
Master plans and messy reality: Larry Beasley and Ken Greenberg consider the future of cities [Subscription Only] The Globe and Mail | @globeandmail | 2019-05-14 | Tagged: urban design, urban planning, city planning
Climate Change Interview Special | Cambie Report Cambie Report | @cambiereport | 2019-05-15 | Tagged: climate change, resilience, housing, sustainability, active transportation
Vancouver City Council Votes for Slower Streets, Livability, Sustainability Price Tags | Sandy James | 2019-05-15 | Tagged: City of Vancouver, urban design, infrastructure, BC Gov’t
SFU City Conversations: Vancouver’s Climate Emergency Will Change the Way You Live YouTube | SFU Public Square | 2019-05-16 | Tagged: climate change
The Vancouver dilemma: How to build new apartments without displacing tenants. Frances Bula | 2019-05-16 | Tagged: housing, City of Vancouver, gentrification

May 9, 2019

Resilience Roundup: Public Spaces Fighting Climate Change | Katharine Peinhardt | 2019-04-22 | Tagged: public space, climate change, resilience
High density cities are economically beneficial but lead to greater inequality
LSE | London School of Economics and Political Science | 2019-05-01 | Tagged: density, urban design, A City for All, inequality
TransLink launches consultation on 30-year regional transit plan
Vancouver Sun | Jennifer Saltman | 2019-05-03 | Tagged: TransLink, transit, transportation
Architects and planners aim to create family-friendly apartment housing in Vancouver
The Province | Joanne Lee-Young | 2019-05-03 | Tagged: housing, architecture, urban planning
Is Vancouver a family-friendly city?
This City Life | Jillian Glover | 2019-05-04 | Tagged: A City for All, housing, children
Vancouver’s climate solution: a denser city [subscription required]
The Globe and Mail | Alex Bozikovic | 2019-05-05 | Tagged: City of Vancouver, climate change, resilience, urban design
Squamish Nation Building On Their Own Land To Help Vancouver Housing Crisis
HuffPost Canada | 2019-05-05 | Tagged: Indigenous, city planning, reconciliation, housing
The case for cyclists, pedestrians and ‘streets as places’ on the Granville bridge | Uytae Lee | 2019-05-07 | Tagged: active transportation, urban design, City o Vancouver
New Taxes and Higher Density Aren’t Fixing Vancouver’s Housing Problem
CityLab | Tracey Lindeman | 2019-05-07 | Tagged: housing, region, real estate
Young Vancouver families seek transit-friendly homes: survey
Vancouver Sun | Matt Robinson | 2019-05-07 | Tagged: transit, housing, urban planning, A City for All
New B.C. study links chronic disease, health care costs to where you live
Vancouver Sun | Jennifer Saltman | 2019-05-07 | Tagged: Healthy City, urban design, active transportation, walking
She built this city: How architect Cornelia Hahn Oberlander shaped Vancouver
Vancouver Courier | Sabrina Furminger | 2019-05-07 | Tagged: women, architecture, urban design
Vancouver councillor wants a continuous water stream from False Creek to Fraser River
Daily Hive | Kenneth Chan | 2019-05-08 | Tagged: resilience, sustainability
Province cracks down on tenancy law-breakers – whether renters or landlords
Burnaby Now | Joannah Connolly | 2019-05-08 | Tagged: housing, BC Gov’t
Vancouver’s ex-chief planner on past successes, misses, and a recent ‘huge mistake’
Vancouver Sun | Dan Fumano | 2019-05-09 | Tagged: Vancouver, city planning, False Creek Flats
From east to west, Canadians confront mainstreet gentrification
Ottawa Citizen | Taylor Blewett | 2019-05-09 | Tagged: gentrification, Communities and Corridors, retail

May 2, 2019

Why city staff and council don’t want Broadway to be another Cambie
Vancouver Sun | Dan Fumano | 2019-04-26 | Tagged: Broadway Corridor, development, zoning
Bringing long-buried streams to light a part of urban renewal in Vancouver | @cbc | 2019-04-28 | Tagged: urban design, resilience, sustainability
Apartment parking spots going unused in Metro Vancouver
Vancouver Courier | @Howellings | 2019-04-29 | Tagged: parking, active transportation, urban design
In Switzerland, Everyone’s an Urban Planner
CityLab | @FeargusOSull | 2019-04-30 | Tagged: Engagement for Real, social inclusion, A City for All
Vancouver to shift 2% property tax from businesses to homeowners
British Columbia | Kendra Mangione | 2019-04-30 | Tagged: small business, housing
Squamish Nation proposing to build 3,000 affordable units on its reserve land in Vancouver
APTN News | Tina House | 2019-05-02 | Tagged: Indigenous, housing, real estate
Vancouver and Surrey rethinking redevelopment opportunities next to future SkyTrain
Daily Hive | Kenneth Chan | 2019-05-02 | Tagged: transit, region, development