March 2018

A weekly roundup of news stories and articles that may be of interest to the Vancouver city planning community. This list is updated every Thursday afternoon.

March 30, 2018

Forewarnings – and maybe farewell warnings – on the future of urban fairways
Frances Bula, The Globe and Mail March 30, 2018

Metro Vancouver transit ridership increasing faster than any other region in Canada, U.S.
Jessica Kerr, Vancouver Courier | March 29, 2018

How autonomous vehicles will reshape cities and real estate markets
Murtaza Haider and Stephen Moranis, Financial Post | March 29, 2018

Vancouver Hopes ‘Empty Homes Tax’ Can Help Stem Affordability Crisis
Emily Nonko, Next City | March 29, 2018

Parking Spaces Will No Longer Be Just For Cars
Kate Fane, Vice Motherboard | March 29, 2018

Vancouver to apologize for historic discrimination against Chinese residents
Megan Devlin, CTV Vancouver | March 28, 2018

Amsterdam’s ‘Night Mayor’ has made its nightlife safer. Could Vancouver do the same?
Alex Migdal,  CBC News | March 28, 2018

City Builders: Andy Yan
Adele Weder, Canadian Architect | March 26, 2018

What Counts as ‘Real’ City Planning?
Deland Chan, CityLab | March 26, 2018

What should Vancouver’s waterfront look like in 30 years?
Jesse Johnston, CBC News | March 23, 2018

March 22, 2018

Who’s in charge of Vancouver’s waterfront?
Christianne Wilhelmson, Vancouver Sun | March 22, 2018

Vancouver’s waterfront stressed and in need of cooperative relief: report
Derrick Penner, Vancouver Sun | March 22, 2018

Vancouver council to apologize April 22 for historical discrimination against Chinese
Mike Howell, Vancouver Courier | March 22, 2018

Density, Design and Public Benefit
Ralph Segal, Price Tags | March 21, 2018

Turning cities into sponges: how Chinese ancient wisdom is taking on climate change
Brigid Delaney, The Guardian | March 21, 2018

How smart cities initiative is marrying municipalities to big data endeavours
Tyler Orton, Business in Vancouver | March 20, 2018

Vancouver learns some hard lessons after housing fight
Adrienne Tanner, The Globe and Mail | March 18, 2018

Cities a gateway for climate, affordability and economic priorities
Keane Gruending, Vancouver Sun | March 18, 2018

Celebrated Canadian architect Anne Cormier to give free lecture at UBC Robson Square
Lucy Lau, The Georgia Straight, March 18, 2018

The density debate will dominate 2018 municipal elections in places like North Van City
Lori Culbert, Vancouver Sun | March 16, 2018

Why Cities Need a Chief Scientist
Tom Dallessio, Next City | March 16, 2018

49 Essential Books for Urban Planning and Design in Metro Vancouver
Andy Yan, SFU CIty Program | March 15, 2018

March 15, 2018

Vision Vancouver motion asks park board to consider turning Langara golf course into a park
Harrison Monney, Vancouver Sun | March 15, 2018

Developer cash for day cares, art facilities dries up as Vancouver pushes for ‘community benefits’
Frances Bula, The Globe and Mail | March 15, 2018

Make Robson Street traffic free between Burrard and Granville, says planning expert
Natasha Frakes, CBC News | March 14, 2018

Vancouver homeless count to focus on Indigenous population
CBC News | March 14, 2018

All parking stalls at new Vancouver condos will need electric car charging capability
CBC News | March 14, 2018

Proposed Ray-Cam community centre renewal gets council approval
Jessica Kerr,  Vancouver Courier| March 14, 2018

Make Robson Street traffic free between Burrard and Granville, says planning expert
Natasha Frakes, CBC News | March 14, 2018

New B.C. tax on high-value homes goes largely unnoticed
Justine Hunter, The Globe and Mail | March 13, 2018

Developer pitches plan for 50,000 units of affordable housing in Toronto, Vancouver
David Ebner and Frances Bula, The Globe and Mail | March 13, 2018

Park board moving ahead with women’s safety policy
Jessica Kerr,  Vancouver Courier | March 13, 2018

This time, False Creek Flats is truly transforming
Frances Bula, The Globe and Mail | March 12, 2018

Transit not meeting demand, say residents of Vancouver’s new East Fraser Lands
Chad Pawson, CBC News | March 12, 2018

Five Key Takeaways from the 2018 World Urban Forum
Michael Mehaffy , Planetizen |March 11, 2018

The Home Front: The line between public and private spaces blurs in downtown Vancouver
Rebecca Keillor, Vancouver Sun | March 10, 2018

Six False Creek affordable housing lots still empty after three decades
Lori Culbert, Vancouver Sun | March 9, 2018

Growing pains: Vancouver parents question school board’s ability to plan for growth
Maryse Zeidler, CBC News | March 9, 2018

High speed rail between Vancouver, Seattle and Portland inches closer to reality
Chad Pawson, CBC News | March 9, 2018

March 8, 2018

L.A. Bets That Equity Is the Path to Resilience
Benjamin Schneider, CityLab | March 8, 2018

Forget Grand Architecture. This Is What Well Designed Cities Actually Need
Debbie Young | Fortune | March 8, 2018

Federal budget boosts rental housing; transit funding idles
Peter Mitham, Business in Vancouver | March 7, 2018

Some Vancouverites Want Their Olympic Streetcar Back
Sandy Smith, Next City | March 7, 2018

West End and Shaughnessy have highest percentage of empty homes: city
Jen St. Denis, Vancouver Metro | March 7, 2018

Future of False Creek South leases in doubt
Carlito Pablo, The Georgia Straight |  March 7, 2018

Marpole ‘a food desert’ warn members of Vancouver neighbourhood
Melanie Green, Vancouver Metro | March 7, 2018

Lisbon preserves historical shops as contemporary influences take hold
Ishay Govener-Ypma, March 7, 2018

Handful of homeless Vancouverites turn down housing because of neighbourhood protests
Briar Stewart, CBC News | March 6, 2018

Vancouver trip-planning app goes head-to-head against Google Maps
Wanyee Li, Vancouver Metro | March 6, 2018

Consider Anthropology in Your Next Urban Design Project
Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman, Meeting of the Minds | March 6, 2018

California’s Love of Cars Is Fueling Its Housing Crisis
Virginia Postrel, Bloomberg View | March 6, 2018

Street Smarts: Common Sense and the Smart City
Robin Mazumder | March 6, 2018

Report says housing for an aging population needs to be part of public debate
Kevin Griffin, The Vancouver Sun | March 5, 2018

Provincial and federal budgets promise affordable housing for Vancouver, at what cost?
Clare Hennig, CBC News | March 5, 2018

Want to build the city of the future? Here’s your chance
CBC News | March 5, 2018

Real estate industries made up fifth of Canada’s GDP in 2017
Joannah Connolly,  Vancouver Courier | March 5, 2018

Public art adds to a neighbourhood’s palette
Guy Dixon, The Globe and Mail | March 5, 2018

Report says housing for an aging population needs to be part of public debate
Kevin Griffin, The Province | March 5, 2018

‘Water is the new fire,’ says the Insurance Bureau of Canada
David Rider, The Toronto Star | March 5, 2018

The Future of Honolulu Depends on Its Parks
Timothy A. Schuler, Next City  | March 5, 2018

Citizen Engagement for the Long Haul
Myung J. Lee, Governing | March 5, 2018

Stay or leave: Vancouver’s artists face dwindling studio space, insecure housing
Clare Hennig, CBC News | March 3, 2018

Rain City: Vancouver puts new focus on rainwater management
CBC News | March 2, 2018

B.C. government, Metro Vancouver break ground on affordable-housing project
Scott Brown, Vancouver Sun | March 2, 2018

Vancouver housing sales slump as market braces for tax impact
Brent Jang, The Globe and Mail | March 2, 2018

Tale of two cities: one on road to somewhere and another on road to nowhere (Vancouver and Cape Town)
Lance Berelowitz, IOL | March 2, 2018

Critics set hair on fire over NDP’s modest attempts to cool housing market
Allen Garr,  Vancouver Courier | March 2, 2018

March 1, 2018

Tallest building demolition in Vancouver history to begin this month
Maryse Zeidler, CBC News | March 1, 2018

Condos may save the Hollywood Theatre in Kitsilano
Peter Meiszner, UrbanYVR | March 1, 2018

Four in five British Columbians support new real estate taxes
Joannah Connolly, Vancouver Courier | March 1, 2018

Mobility pricing: An idea whose time has come?
Marc Lee, Policy Note (CCPA) | March 1, 2018