August 2017

A weekly roundup of news stories and articles that may be of interest to the Vancouver city planning community. This list is updated every Friday afternoon.

August 25, 2017

B.C. housing minister ‘looking at’ reducing maximum allowable rent increases
Simon Little and Jeremy Lye, CKNW | August 25, 2017

Vancouver park board opens city’s largest children’s playground
Charlie Smith, The Georgia Straight | August 24th, 2017

Income Inequality Is Making Rent Even Less Affordable
Richard Florida, CityLab | August 24, 2017

Dense development: is building along busy corridors unhealthy?
Rafferty Baker, CBC News | August 23, 2017

Hollow City: How the Middle Class is Being Priced Out of Real Estate
Sarah Ripplinger, Westender via Vancouver Courier | August 23, 2017

Music can improve our cities. So why isn’t music urbanism a thing?
Shain Shapiro, CityMetric | August 23, 2017

Seeking Permission to Build Homes
Sarah Ripplinger, Westender via Vancouver Courier | August 22, 2017

Respect for planners is crucial for liveable cities
David Williams, Planning Institute of Australia, The Fifth Estate | August 22, 2017

Turning alleys into interactive public art
John Kurucz, Vancouver Courier | August 21, 2017

Developing densified Vancouver into a designer metropolis
Andrea Woo, The Globe and Mail | August 20, 2017

Vancouver to start downtown public space study
Wanyee Li, Vancouver Metro | August 20 ,2017

Ostrom in the City: Design Principles for the Urban Commons
Sheila Foster and Christian Iaione, The Nature of Cities | August 20, 2017

How Cities and Tribes Work Together
Ted Katauskas, Citivision via Northwest Treaty Tribes | August 19. 2017

August 18, 2017

Film industry feeling real estate woes
Kerry Gold, The Globe and Mail | August 18, 2017

[City of North Vancouver] Developers to pay higher rates for bigger projects
Jeremy Shepherd, North Shore News | August 18, 2017

Can Connecting Rent To Income, Not Market Rates, Change The Affordability Of Cities?
Eillie Anzilotti, Fast Company | August 18, 2017

Opinion: Why the foreign buyers tax isn’t making Vancouver more affordable
Bob Dugan, Macleans | August 17, 2017

What is climate gentrification?
Lauren Helper, GreenBiz | August 17, 2017

What are the world’s most livable cities? Depends how you measure it.
Lee Alter, Treehugger | August 17, 2017

Towering ambitions: How advocates and planners are rethinking high rise-tower neighbourhoods
Alex Bozikovic, The Globe and Mail | August 16, 2017

Developers help fill Burnaby’s coffers to tune of $1 billion
Joanne Lee-Young, Vancouver Sun | August 16, 2017

Mansplaining the city
Alissa Walker, Curbed | August 16, 2017

Why cities need to rethink their marketing to tourists
Christopher Swope, Citiscope | August 16, 2017

Why You Can’t Afford an Apartment in Canada’s Biggest Cities
John Lornic, The Walrus | August 15, 2017

How Churches and Service Clubs Can Ease Housing Crunch
Christopher Cheung, The Tyee | August 15, 2017

City of Vancouver creates icy challenge to promote ‘passive home’ design
CBC News | August 15, 2017

‘Guidebook’ for the sharing economy from Guelph mayor [report PDF]
CBC News | August 15, 2017

Vancouver’s Airbnb regulations need to be tougher, says researcher
Jen St. Denis, Vancouver Metro | August 14, 2017

Opinion: Keep the Arbutus Corridor for Cyclists and Walkers
Daniel Roehr, The Tyee | August 14, 2017

Vancouver’s rising number of young adults sharply eclipses national average over five-year period
Charlie Smith | August 14, 2017

Why Seattle Builds Apartments, but Vancouver, BC, Builds Condos
Margaret Morales, Sightline | August 14, 2017

Learning from Vancouver: Housing Affordability & the Myth of Supply-Side Densification
Patrick Condon, The Planning Report | August 14, 2017

How Canada’s housing boom is aggravating income inequality
Kevin Carmicheak, Canadian Business | August 14, 2017

The Global South is coming up with a new type of urbanism
Einhard Schmidt-Kallert, Citiscope | August 14, 2017

Branding Matters In Local Government, And Atlanta Is Leading The Way
Meg Miller, Fast.Co Design | | August 14, 2017

Vancouver struggles with demand for space in downtown schools
Xiao Xu, The Globe and Mail | August 13, 2017

The Rise of the ‘Night Mayor’ in America
Natalie DelGadillo | August 11, 2017

Uber starts mapping routes in Metro Vancouver in anticipation of approval
CBC News | August 10, 2017

Vancouver housing on fire with biggest price gains since 1990Bloomberg News/The Province | August 10, 2017

Cities urge Liberals to rethink homeless strategy
Jordan Press, The Glibe and Mail | August 10, 2017

Residents launch bold new vision for Chinatown
Chinatown concern Group | July 17, 2017

August 11, 2017

Illegal short-term rentals spawn record complaints in Vancouver
Yvette Brend, CBC News | August 10, 2017

New 105 Keefer proposal pitches a shorter building with no social housing
Jeremy Lye and Simon Little, CKNW/Global | August 9, 2017

New municipal affairs minister aims to tackle housing costs crunch
Joanne Lee-Young, Vancouver Sun | August 9, 2017

City of Vancouver admits towers get taller to secure affordable housing
Emily Lazatin, CKNW/Global | August 9, 2017

How B.C. developers are building the world
BC Business | August 9, 2017

We’re Choking on Smoke in Seattle
Lindy West, New York Times Opinion | August 9, 2017

Vancouver city planners aim to make high-density neighbourhoods livable
Frances Bula, The Globe and Mail | August 7, 2017

What Do We Mean By ‘Affordable Housing?’
Christopher Cheung, The Tyee | August 7, 2017

Opinion: Vancouver gets a new town square
Lance Berelowitz, Vancouver Sun | August 7, 2017

How strata-housing owners in B.C. can deal with disputes in the face of density
Wendy Stueck, The Globe and Mail | August 6, 2017

Could ethical investing help ease Vancouver’s affordability crisis?
Yahoo/CBC | August 6, 2017

Looking for ‘city’ living in the suburbs? Some are finding it in aging office parks. (Via Karenn Krangle)
Katherine Shaver, The Washington Post | August 5, 2017

August 4, 2017

Priced out of downtown Vancouver, millennials are building ‘hipsturbia’
Kerry Gold, The Globe and Mail | August 4, 2017

Large commercial operators a growing concern in the Airbnb market, study says
Betsy Powell, Toronto Star | August 4, 2017

Transition time for chief resilience officers
Christopher Swope, Citiscope | August 4, 2017

Solo living is the new norm. Let’s learn to deal with it
Eric Klinenberg, The Globe and Mail | August 3, 2017

Dwindling rehearsal space has Vancouver musicians in a jam
John Kurucz, Vancouver Courier | August 2, 2017

The Curious Effect of Airbnb
Andrew Sobchak & Laura LeBlanc, | August 2, 2017

Boosting resilience to modern-day threats – what is it worth?
Megan Rowling, Reuters | August 2, 2017

Not Just Bike Racks – Informing Design for End of Trip Cycling Amenities in Vancouver Real Estate (report)
The Smithe (Boffo) + HUB Cycling | August 2, 2017

Trudeau, Robertson talk transit, opioids … but nary a peep about pipelines
Gordon Omand, Vancouver Sun | August 1, 2017

Opinion: In the face of obvious failure, city resets its housing policy
Allen Garr, Vancouver Courier | August 1, 2017

What we talk about when we talk about a “housing crisis”
Nathan Lauster, Home: Free Sociology | August 1, 2017

3 ways cities can save cultural spaces
Gregory Scruggs, Citiscope | August 1, 2017

Increase in housing infill could aid affordability
Sarah Ripplinger, Vancouver Courier | July 31, 2017

Foreign buyers’ tax and other measures under review, B.C. housing minister says
Aleksandra Sagan, CTV News | July 31, 2017

Los Angeles City Planning Needs to Focus on Place, Not Movement
Jim Gilbert, Curating Los Angeles | July 31, 2017

Building Resilience? There’s a Standard for That
Laurie Mauzer, Planetizen | July 31, 2017