News Clippings

A weekly roundup of news stories and articles that may be of interest to the Vancouver city planning community. This list is updated every Thursday afternoon.

January 11, 2018

If foreign home ownership is a $45-billion ‘tip of the iceberg,’ Vancouver expert hopes ‘we’re not on the Titanic
Dan Fumano, Vancouver Sun | January 10, 2018

Gregor Robertson Not Seeking Re-election for Vancouver Mayor
Katie Hyslop, The Tyee | January 10, 2018

Ride-hailing services need to play by same rules, says taxi firm
Alan Campbell, BIV/Richmond News | January 10, 2018

The high price of Vancouver’s working class romanticism
Christopher Cheung, Vancouver Courier | January 10, 2018

City of Vancouver in middle of the pack when it comes to density
CBC News | January 9 2018

‘I’ve seen this fear before’: Chinatown activist says stigma of homelessness needs to be remedied
CBC News | January 9, 2018

To build an inclusive smart city, look through an age-friendly lens
Katie Pyzyk, SmartCityDrive | January 9, 2018

Which are the best cities for children?
Simon Kuper, Financial Times | January 9, 2018

Opposition to social housing in B.C. reveals discrimination, say lawyers
Jen St. Denis, Vancouver Metro | January 7, 2018

Kids commuting to school: what’s driving the conversation?
Justin McElroy, CBC News | January 7, 2018

Vancouver sees increase in farms despite downturn in region
Jennifer Saltman, Vancouver Sun | January 7, 2018

A blueprint for change? The promises inside the new city, provincial and federal housing plans
Lori Culbert, Vancouver Sun | January 6, 2018

Vancouver group urges women to speak out at city council in January
Megan Devlin, CTV Vancouver | January 6, 2018

Lower Mainland public transit’s moment to shine clouded by parochial interests
Adrienne Taylor, The Globe and Mail | January 5, 2018

Time to Scrap the Home Owner Grant?
Andrew McLeod, The Tyee | January 5, 2018

Small businesses struggle to stay afloat in Vancouver amid rising rents
Clare Hennig, CBC News | January 5, 2018

What Canada’s entry at the next Venice Biennale really means
Alex Bozikovic, The Globe and Mail | January 5, 2018

How Cities Can Embrace Innovation Without Sacrificing Public Health and Safety
Jennifer Bradley, Next City | January 5, 2018

January 4, 2018

The Gordie Award 2017 For Work with the Biggest Planning Impact
Sandy James, Price Tags | January 4, 2018

‘A stupid waste of money’: B.C. homeowner grant under fire as government increases threshold
Wanyee Li. Vancouver Metro | January 3, 2018

How ‘Not in My Backyard’ Became ‘Not in My Neighborhood’
Emily Badger, The New York Times | January 3, 2018

Vancouver Real Estate: Planning, building affordable housing in 2018
Joanne Lee-Young, Vancouver Sun | January 2, 2018

December 22 & 29, 2017

Top 20 Vancouver news stories of 2017
Charlie Smith, The Georgia Straight | December 25, 2017

Goodbye to the Vancouver we know?
Christopher Cheung, Vancouver Metro | December 22, 2017

Going places in Metro Vancouver
Peter Mitham, Business in Vancouver | December 19, 2017

Sandra Singh named Vancouver general manager of arts, culture, and community services
Travis Lupick, The Georgia Straight |  December 18, 2017

Study: Millennials, The City And The Housing Crisis
Leena ElDeeb, Progrss | December 16, 2017

 December 15, 2017

Have Vancouver’s policies hindered rental housing more than helped?
Frances Bula, The Globe and Mail | December 15, 2017

Taxed to death: How Vancouver’s small business are falling victim to soaring property tax
Jan Zeschky, Westender | December 14, 2017

How One City Approaches Its Amazon Bid Through an Equity Lens
Tanvi Misra, City Lab | December 14, 2017

Vancouver City Council approves $18-million plan to demolish Granville Loops
Kenneth Chan, Daily hive/Urbanizewd | December 13, 2017

Vancuver’s recent tax increases respond to housing, opioid crises says finance boss
Dan Fumano, Vancouver Sun | December 13, 2017

Development company appeals rejection of condo in Vancouver’s Chinatown
Frances Bula, The Globe and Mail | December 13, 2017

Fixingan Unaffordable City
Braden Klassen, The Runner (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)| December 13, 2017

It’s time to rethink Canada’s housing system
Jennifer Keesmaat, Maclean’s | December 13, 2017

Vancouver council approves 4.24 per cent property tax hike
Mike Howell, Vancouver Courier | December 12, 2017

City of Vancouver presents options for new arterial through False Creek Flats
Peter Meiszner, UrbanYVR | December 12, 2017

Former Vancouver planning director questions why Keefer Steps aren’t publicly maintained
Charlie Smith, The Georgia Straight | December 12th, 2017

How kid-friendly urban design makes cities better for all
Patrick Sisson, Curbed | December 12, 2017

Vacouver councillor wants to rezone West Point Grey for rental apartments
Matt Meuse, CBC News } December 11, 2017

Can Canada think big on housing again?
Shawn Micallef, Toronto Star | December 11, 2017

What would an earthquake-proof city look like?
Chrissie Giles, The Guardian Cities | December 11, 2017

Vancouver searches for ways to preserve ‘legacy’ businesses in Chinatown, other areas
Frances Bula, The Globe and Mail | December 10, 2017

City looks to build park on roof of new Oakridge Centre redevelopment
Jon Azpiri,  Global News | December 9, 2017

December 8, 2017

Opinion: Homelessness: We all pay
Gordon Harris, Vancouver Sun | December 8, 2017

Five Trends Influencing the Future of Our Cities
Amy Kolczak, National Geographic | December 8, 2017

TransLink hoping to charge developers at least $1,200 per unit to pay for transit plan
Estefania Duran and Kyle Benning, Global News/CKNW | December 7, 2017

Bute-Robson trial plaza in West End to become permanent
Angus Beaty, UrbanYVR December 7, 2017

An avalanche of money: An expert on how income disparities are reshaping Canada’s metropolitan areas zeroes in on Vancouver
Kerry Gold, The Globe and Mail | December 7, 2017

2017 Newsmaker of the Year: Fentanyl
Mike Howell, Vancouver Courier | December 7, 2017

Nine-acre park planned for Oakridge mall redevelopment
Jessica Kerr, Vancouver Courier | December 6, 2017

Experts say tax system ‘incentivizes free-riding,’ while Vancouver considers change
Dan Fumano, Vancouver Sun | December 6, 2017

How Vancouver’s industrial land crunch is pushing businesses out of town
Kerry Gold, Business in Vancouver | December 6, 2017

New giant electronic video screens approved for corner of Granville and Robson
Kenneth Chan, Daily Hive | December 6, 2017

Parking space disappearing in new downtown Vancouver office developments
Evan Duggan, The Province | December 5, 2017

‘I am not afraid’: Marpole residents rally to welcome housing for homeless
Jen St. Denis, Vancouver Metro | December 5, 2017

“Resiliency” Has Lost Its Meaning: Why We Need a More Radical Approach
Mimi Zeiger, Metropolis | December 5, 2017

2 Vancouver pools saved after passionate fight
CBC News | December 4, 2017

City planners to review separate entrances for social housing units
Jen St. Denis, Vancouver Metro | December 4, 2017

Big Decisions
Ken Ohrn, Price Tags | December 4, 2017

Canada looks to Amsterdam for a little night magic
Paul Attfield, The Globe and Mail | December 4, 2017

We Need to Design Less Stressful Cities
Becky Ferreira, Motherboard | December 4, 2017

How nixing a downtown freeway 50 years ago made Vancouver one of the world’s most liveable cities
Maryse Zeidler, CBC News | December 3, 2017

Vancouver mulling streetcar network despite problems in some other cities
Frances Bula, The Globe and Mail | December 3, 2017

City and B.C. Housing to host open houses before creating modular housing on Powell, Franklin, and Kaslo streets
Charlie Smith, The Georgia Straight | December 3, 2017