Goals for Vancouver

Following a major program of public involvement, the Commission produced a Goals for Vancouver report in 1980, later updated in 1987. The range of topics was comprehensive and included movement, leisure, people economy, services, and city management.

The report became a reference point for future discussions of Vancouver’s future. It laid the groundwork for the extensive consultations that created CityPlan, the framework that continues to guide decision-making on City programs, priorities and actions on a wide range of topics including transportation, arts, housing and community services.

  • Purpose
    • To elicit citizens’ values, and
    • To develop a first set of city goals: “key to rational decision-making”
  • Participation: 6,000 residents
  • Game Changer
    • Downtown Planning Strategies Symposium 1988
    • Vancouver Futures Report ‘Towards the Next Million’ 1989
    • CityPlan 1995