YouMAP Vancouver and Have Your Voice Heard!

Vancouver is going global and growing at rates never seen before. It is projected that 739,000 people will live within the city boundaries by 2040. The Vancouver City Planning Commission (VCPC) has set out to ask, are we ready for change?

Furthermore, how can we adapt to change and keep what we love about our city and its diverse neighbourhoods?

The VCPC, in partnership with Smart Growth BC, is launching YouMAP Vancouver, a community engagement unique to its kind in Canada.

We want you to “map” the things that make your neighbourhood great! We also want to know what you need but must leave your neighbourhood to get. YouMAP Vancouver invites residents of all ages and backgrounds to challenge the traditional definition of “amenity” beyond parks and libraries. We want you to include the unique places —the shops, the viewpoints, the public spaces — that make your streets special to you.

What makes your neighbourhood great?
Grandview Woodlands YouMAP event poster

Have your voice heard by participating in the YouMAP Vancouver event for your community.

YouMAP Vancouver begins as a two-part pilot project:

  1. October 3rd and 4th in Grandview Woodland
  2. October 24th and 25th in Douglas Park

Local residents, families, business people, and community groups are all welcome to attend their neighbourhood festival.  The mapping activities are designed to be fun, creative, and thought-provoking for citizens of all ages.

For those who cannot attend during the scheduled festival dates, a website is set up for you to enter in your favourite neighbourhood places online.

We hope that you will become a part of this exciting and unique neighbourhood engagement!



The Vancouver City Planning Commission is a volunteer body appointed by City Council to advise on issues related to long-term planning in the City. The VCPC strives to deliver outstanding long-range planning and research advice to City Council in part by listening to Vancouverites.

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