Website Updates: Summer 2017

Regular visitors will have noticed some significant changes to the look and feel of this website. Over the summer, the VCPC website was transferred to a new content management system. In the process, we took this opportunity to refresh the look of the site. We also combined several sub-sites on other domains that had been created over the years. The goal is to give visitors a more seamless experience.

New Features

While we were rebuilding the site, we also to the opportunity to add a couple of new features, including a news clipping page and an events calendar. The purpose of these sections is to offer a ‘one-stop’ source of some of the top news articles and events on city planning in Vancouver. If you have a new story or event that you would like to add, please send us an email with the details.

Reporting Glitches

Given that amount of content that was transferred (187 pages in total), you may come across some broken links or pages than do not quite look right. If that is the case, please send us an email and let us know. We will get it fixed as soon as possible.

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