VIDEO: SFU City Conversations on Vancouverism

On Thursday, July19, 2019, SFU Public Square, sponsored by SFU Vancouver and SFU’s City Program, hosted a special City Conversations held in Lot 19 in Downtown Vancouver. the event was supported by the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association.

The event featured author Larry Beasley and former co-Director of Planning Ann McAfee (who sometimes has a different perspective on their accomplishments).  The focus of the discussion was on Larry’s recent book Vancouverism, and covered a variety of topics, including:

  • What does the book it say about Vancouver’s design, its planning framework and concepts, its worldwide admiration and emulation, the things we got right and the things we missed?
  • What lessons might it have for our upcoming Citywide Plan?

Here is a video of the conversation:

Larry is the former co-Director of Planning for the City of Vancouver. He was instrumental in the growth and change of the downtown peninsula, from just another 9-to-5 business park with acres of obsolete industrial space and myriad suburban commuters, to the dynamic, 18-hour-a-day throbbing heart of the Metro region and the province, filled with vibrant street life and parks that are outdoor living spaces.

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