VCPC Summit on Change with Movers and Shakers

The Vancouver City Planning Commission (VCPC) is bringing a host of Vancouver’s thinkers, innovators, dreamers and activists together to gather opinions on what is ‘driving change’ in Vancouver and the sustainable path to accommodating this change.

The Summit on Change will involve presentations by Steven Sheppard, Professor of UBC Forest Resources Management, and Michael Geller, President and CEO of SFU Community Trust, followed by roundtable discussions. Participants include leaders from the arts, culture, philanthropy, high-tech, business, social services, neighbourhood groups, media and academia. The outcomes from the events will contribute to the Change Charter to be developed by the Commission.

“In creating a plan for the City to become more responsive to change over time, the VCPC is engaging with citizens to investigate the drivers of change in Vancouver,” said Alan Boniface, Chair of the VCPC. “The intent is to aid the Planning Commission in creating a methodology and toolkit for responding to change in its built form and public realm. This is a rare opportunity for a City to create a forward-looking mandate for truly sustainable responses to changing urban forces.”

The event takes place on Thursday, March 20th, 2008.

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