Vancouver’s Planning Culture: Stories from the Ground

On October 13th, the Vancouver City Planning Commission and UBC’s School of Community Regional Planning jointly hosted a dialogue to reflect on and identify essential principles to guide planning in Vancouver.

Stories from the Ground: Identifying Core Principles to Guide Vancouver’s Planning Future.

In facilitated discussion, a diverse group of 60 people experienced in engaging  in Vancouver planning processes shared personal stories. These stories highlighted significant practices, lessons and values. Working in small groups, participants examined their lived experience to identify planning principles that have represented us at our best, and have continuing value as we plan for the future of our city.

The documentation from the event, including the stories and reflections of individual participants, will be posted online. As an early report-out, the facilitation team of students enrolled in a facilitation and mediation class in UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning has compiled a set of key themes, entitled An Aspirational Portrait of Vancouver’s Planning Culture.

This dialogue was the first of the three events in October exploring our planning principles and culture. The trio of events falls under the theme, Vancouver’s Planning Principles and Culture. these events are produced by three organizations closely associated with planning in Vancouver:

  • UBC School of Community and Regional Planning
  • SFU  City Program, City Conversations, and Department of Urban Studies
  • Vancouver City Planning Commission

The second event was a SFU City Conversation on October 15th on Politics and Planning. The third will be a panel discussion on October 29th, Future and Past: Planners and Planning in the City of Vancouver, presented by SFU City Program and SFU Urban Studies. Video recordings will be posted online.

The catalyst for these events was that Vancouver will soon welcome a new Director of Planning.  This follows the retirement announcement of Brian Jackson, the current General Manager of Planning and Development. The new planning director will provide leadership and guidance in addressing the complex urban planning challenges facing the city, after


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