Commissioners to Serve Two-year Terms

Council has passed a motion to  change the length of Vancouver City Planning Commissioner terms to staggered two-year terms. This means that six members are appointed in even years and five members are appointed in odd years. Commissioners will continue to be able to serve up to three successive terms.

This change, made by Council at its regular meeting on December 13, restores the probability of greater continuity of membership on the Commission. It will enable the Commission to engage more effectively with issues and initiatives which are complex and long-term.

The new pattern of appointment terms is identical to the pattern that existed before a revision in 2006. This established alternating one- and two-year terms and set all Commissioners’ terms to expire after a municipal election. The 2006 change resulted in two almost complete changes of members, once in 2007 and once in 2009. The terms of currently serving Commissioners all expired at the beginning of December 2012.T he resulting lack of continuity of service, knowledge and experience among Commissioners hampered the effectiveness of the Commission and its ability to respond in a timely way to current issues.

The new term provisions will apply to appointments starting in 2012. The revision requires an amendment to the by-law which must be approved by Council.

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