Rethinking the Region V Keynote: Public Participation for 21st Century Democracy

Rethinking the Region is an annual day-long conference organized by SFU’s Urban Studies Program. It provides an opportunity for dialogue, reflection and learning about the past, present and future of the Metro Vancouver region.

In 2017 the conference was co-hosted by the Vancouver City Planning Commission and the focus was the role of citizen advisory bodies in shaping urban policy in Metro Vancouver and the Seattle region. Together, we reflected on big picture principles regarding how citizens can or should engage on policy issues with local governments. The day also provided opportunities to learn about specific examples of how local citizen advisory bodies have influenced urban policy.

Keynote Presentation:  Public Participation for 21st Century Democracy

Filled with examples at the city-scale, this presentation explores the forms of public participation, and explains how giving good process, activating local leaders and networks, using the building blocks of participation, and providing systemic supports can help us rethink our civic infrastructures and advance urban governance for 21st century democracy.

Keynote Q&A’s with Tina Nabatchi

Audience questions and answers with Rethinking the Region V keynote speaker, Tina Nabatchi.


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