What are the Planning and Development Milestones that have shaped Vancouver?

More than 20 students registered in the Winter 2015 UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (SALA) course on Vancouver’s history will collaborate on the production of a first edition of a chronology of milestones in Vancouver’s planning and development, looking at key themes such as planning policies, built form, land use, transportation, demographics, and politics and governance.

Milestones in Vancouver’s Planning and Development History

Under the direction of adjunct professor and former Commissioner (2002-2006) Marta Farevaag, students will engage in research with primary and secondary sources and have the experience of working with external advisors with distinguished professional experience in their fields.


The Commission has partnered with UBC SALA to develop this course, which will provide an introduction to historical research and analysis within the framework of a practical research assignment. In addition to acquiring basic research and data management skills, students will have the experience of working with external professionals, and of applying research to the development of an information tool for public use and benefit. Learning about a city requires an appreciation of the web of events, decisions and interactions that have been significant in shaping that city as a unique urban settlement.

This collaboration with UBC SALA has grown out of a 2014 Commission initiative to substantially improve existing lists of significant events in the history of planning and development in the city with a chronology of milestones that is comprehensive, reliable and informative. While there are many excellent histories of Vancouver and numerous useful thematic chronologies, there is not yet a comprehensive chronology of milestones in the planning and development of the city.

The panel of external advisors includes: John Atkin, Ken Cameron, Norm Hotson, Michael Kluckner, Bruce Macdonald, Terry Brunette, Catherine Sinasac.

The Commission appreciates the assistance of staff at the following City institutions on this initiative: Vancouver Public Library (Special Collections), Vancouver Archives, Vancouver Heritage Commission, Museum of Vancouver.

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