Chronology of Planning and Development Milestones: Online launch

The first edition of the online timeline of the Chronology of Planning and Development in Vancouver was launched in January 2016 following a year of development in collaboration with community partners and an advisory group of planning professionals.  The first edition is based on the research of students in a course created by UBC SALA to generate the basic foundation for the chronology.  The development of Milestones since 2014 have been coordinated by the VCPC Chronology Project Committee.

The chronology includes detailed information on individual entries up to 2011. Significant events and actions for the most recent five years, currently 2011 to 2015, receive a different treatment, reflecting the challenge of trying to identify a milestone without benefit of hindsight.

The process for designating milestones during a contemporary five-year period is described here.

The timeline was featured as one of the exhibits at a dedicated computer station at the Museum of Vancouver, within the exhibition presented by the Vancouver Urbanarium Society, Your Future Home: Creating the New Vancouver (January-May 2016).

Photograph courtesy of Museum of Vancouver.

Year-in-Review 2015


The launch took place at a panel event on January 26, 2016 at the Museum of Vancouver, convened by the Planning Commission, inviting discussion on the question:

What were the defining decisions, actions and events of 2015 in planning and development that could prove to be transformative in Vancouver’s evolution?

The outcomes from the panel discussion event will form the basis for selecting significant planning and development events of 2015 to be added to the online timeline. The first edition launched in January was based on the work of the students which concluded with the year 2014.

The panel event was produced as pilot project, and may be repeated annually as a venue for a reflection on the previous year in planning and development and as a process for updating the online timeline.

  • Documentation about the panel event, including videos, photos and transcripts.
  • Information about the Chronology of Planning and Development in Vancouver and the online timeline.

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