Event: AFTERSHOCK – Looking back at 1918 for a view of Vancouver’s future

Event Details

Date: October 27, 2020
Time: 7:00-8:30-pm
Via: Zoom

Event Description

The first victim in Vancouver of the 1918 influenza epidemic—Annie Sachs—a mother of three young children – died on October 8, 1918. By October 27, 1918, 24 people in Vancouver died in a single day. Before the disease’s fury was spent, almost one per cent of Vancouver’s population had died.

In the following decade, Vancouver underwent extraordinary changes in urban planning, design and architecture as World War One ended, the economy shuddered, protests filled the streets and cities re-invented themselves.

A century later, Vancouver is once again grappling with the effects of a pandemic. The boundaries between past and present begin to blur when we look closely at what happened in 1918 and where we are now.

Linking the past to our future, the Vancouver City Planning Commission’s Chronology Project is holding a panel discussion 102 years after that heartbreaking day when the virus claimed so many lives – October 27, 2020 – to explore how the 1918 influenza changed Vancouver and whether we should anticipate similar changes in the months and years ahead. The panel is part of a VCPC series of discussions on the post-pandemic city.

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COVID-19: Stay Home, Stay Put

Around the world the Covid-19 pandemic is showing no signs of slowing down and hundreds are dying each day, we cannot let the same thing happen in Vancouver.

Now that Covid-19 is circulating within our community, we need everyone to be committed to reducing the spread – for your family, friends, colleagues, and health care workers on the front lines.

Everyone needs to Stay Home, Stay Put so we can flatten the curve.

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