On this Date: ‘Goals for Vancouver’ Published (1980)

Goals for Vancouver was published in February 1980 following an extensive consultation with the citizens of Vancouver about their goals for the city.

The project was carried out by the Vancouver City Planning Commission at the direction of City Council. The range of topics was comprehensive and included movement, leisure, people economy, services, and city management.


Updated in 1987, the report became a reference point for future discussions of Vancouver’s future. It laid the groundwork for the extensive consultations in the 1990s that created CityPlan, the framework that continues to guide decision-making on City programs, priorities and actions on a wide range of topics including transportation, arts, housing and community services.

The preface to the document notes that:

The value of this document may lie as much in what it is , as in what it says. As a statement of goals for the future of Vancouver it represents the collective vision of over 5 ,000 citizens who have taken the time and effort to articulate for us their values and beliefs about what kind of a city this should be. For this alone it has extraordinary and historic significance.


As stated on page 3 of the report:

The basic use of these Goals for Vancouver is to establish an articulated direction and purpose so that the residents of the city have a clear understanding of what the community values and is trying to accomplish. Thus, in the first place, the goals are targets acting as an expression of our urban life objectives – of what we desire and to which our efforts should be directed.

This post is based on an entry from the VCPC’s Planning and Development in Vancouver Online Chronology. For more information on Vancouver’s planning and development milestones, please visit or Chronology Timeline.

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