New Commissioners for 2014

Four new Commissioners have been appointed by Council: Brad Jones, Adera Development Corporation; Robert Matas, journalist; Clara Whyte, environmental economist; and Brandon Yan, Vancouver Foundation.

They fill the vacancies left by Commissioners Peter Greenwell, housing and homelessness consultant; R. J. Aquino, IT customer specialist; Louise Blight, environmental biologist; and Marian Brown, lawyer. Peter Greenwell retired from the Commission after serving the maximum three consecutive terms, having served as chair for three consecutive years. The new Commissioners are appointed for two-year terms ending in December 2015.

The Commission appointed Andy Yan, urban planner and research consultant with Bing Thom Architects one of its two Commission-appointed Commissioners, to serve until December 2014.

April 22, 2014 Update: Vancouver City Council appointed Julia Payson to fill the vacancy created by the early resignation of Clara Whyte.

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