Invitation to Host an “On the Table” Gathering

The Vancouver City Planning Commission is supporting the Vancouver Foundation’s On the Table initiative. On the Table calls on everyone across BC to help create a sense of welcome and belonging in our communities. From gathering neighbours in the park to connecting with coworkers in the lunchroom, On the Table BC can be hosted by anyone, anywhere .

It’s a simple idea, but a deeply profound one. Each host will choose their own venue, serve their own food, and talk about the issues and ideas they find most interesting. The topics people discuss will be collected and shared—providing an exciting snapshot of what’s on people’s minds throughout BC right. It’s a fun, meaningful opportunity for people everywhere to meet, gather, and share.

Here is a short video that explains the concept.

You can find more information, including advice and resources to help you host a gathering here:

Host your on ‘Table’

As part of our “Engagement for Real” work, the Vancouver City Planning Commission encourages you to convene your own table, comprised of friends, family, other community-driven individuals, or organizations to host a gathering from September 26 – October, 3, 2019 and discuss topics that matter to you.

Table Suggestion

One suggestion close to the VCPC’s heart is to host a conversation about Vancouver’s upcoming City-wide Plan and share your insights with us. Here are some questions you might consider tackling.

  • How can the design and engagement process of the City-wide Plan support a City for All?
  • What are the biggest challenges to incorporating meaningful input into the City Wide Plan?
  • From the perspective of your communities, what are key barriers to meaningful contribution or participation/ input into the plan?
  • What is your dream for the city?

If you forward us the results, we will build on the insights from your conversations to shape our planning work for a Summit on the City-wide Plan scheduled for May 2020.

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