2017-18 Objectives, Accomplishments, and Future Goals

On October 12, 2017, the City of Vancouver hosted it’s annual Council of Councils – Advisory Committees meeting at the Library Square Conference Centre. The evening event provided an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the 2017 accomplishments of 14 City advisory committees; mingle with  fellow advisory committee members, and learn about the City’s Trans Inclusion initiatives (pdf).

As part of the evening, a poster was created for each  participating advisory body. these posters highlighting our key objectives, accomplishments of the current year, and our future goals. Here is a transcript of what was created for the Vancouver City Planing Commission:

NOTE: A copy of the poster is included in the image above, or can be downloaded (pdf icon (753K) from the City of Vancouver VCPC webpage. 

2017-2018 Objectives

Expand working networks and formalize relationships with volunteers.

Work with community partners, advisors and volunteers who have collaborated on the Chronology of Vancouver’s Planning and Development Milestones to enrich the content and expand the information in the outline timeline.

Examine current planning initiatives and engage around issues relating to the long-term future of the City. Commissioner s will continue to participate in the Heritage Action Plan Advisory Committee, the Urban Design Panel, and the Transportation 2040 Stakeholder Advisory Group.

Key topics of focus: resilient and adaptive city; sustainable communities; publicness of the city; inclusive community; and participatory and responsive planning.


Adopted the New Urban Agenda (NUA) at the Quito Ecuador Habitat III—the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development. The NUA lays out a framework for resilient and sustainable development and will guide our work for the next 5 year s and beyond.

Chronology Program: Hosted a second Year-in-Review event which identified emerging events from 2016. Working with community partners to consider planning and development milestones the Chronology Program has become a valuable way to bring together citizens and professionals with a
strong interest in planning of the City.

Rethinking the Region V: Co-hosted a regional conference with SFU’s Urban Studies Program on the role of citizen advisory bodies in shaping urban policy. Participants from Metro Vancouver and a delegation from Seattle’s Planning Commission provided case examples and furthered VCPC’s dialogue about “engagement for real”.

Building bridges with other advisory bodies: Convened two roundtables with other advisory bodies to get to know one another’s mandates, members and concerns.

Resilience and Vancouver’s Future: In October 2017, VCPC in collaboration with the City of Vancouver100 Resilient Cities, pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation (100RC), and Simon Fraser University’s Public Square, will host a summit on resilience and the future of our city.

Future Goals

Challenge of a Resilient and Adaptive City: How can we strengthen Vancouver’s resilience, our shared capacity to survive, adapt and grow?

Engagement for Real: Explore ways to improve the quality of civic engagement to enhance participatory and responsive planning.

A City for All: Address the issues of inclusion, reconciliation and diversity.

Reconsider how the public good, including investments in infrastructure and public spaces are financed in the City.

Strengthen the development of complete, sustainable communities and our understanding of their evolution in light of mobility corridors and affordability.

For a more in-depth understand of the VCPC’s current objectives and future goals, please refer to our current work plan.

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