2015 in Review – Planning and Development in Vancouver

What were the defining decisions, actions and events of 2015 in planning and development that could prove to be transformative in Vancouver’s evolution?

This question was the theme for a panel event convened by the Planning Commission on January 26, 2016.

In a discussion moderated by CBC Radio’s Stephen Quinn, four panellists offered their perspectives on 2015 and issues that matter for the future:

  • Noha Sedky, Urban planner and facilitator
  • Jennifer Marshall, Architect and urban designer
  • Frances Bula, Urban affairs journalist
  • Bob Rennie, Condo real estate marketer

Our goal was to host a lively and informed conversation about ideas that matter for the future of the city. We had two specific objectives:

  1. Review and comment on a short list of events that happened in 2015 that could have a transformative effect on how the city evolves; and
  2. Launch a new online timeline of milestones in Vancouver’s planning and development history.

The overflow audience reviewed a set of panels displaying a short list of potentially significant 2015 events. These had been brainstormed at earlier workshops, and exchanged ideas over refreshments.

The outcomes from the brainstorming workshops and the public conversation at the panel event will inform the short list of potential planning and development 2015 milestones. These will update the online timeline, and to provide ideas for future community conversations about the future of Vancouver.

More Information

Documentation about the panel event, including videos, photos and transcripts

Information about the Chronology of Planning and Development in Vancouver and the online timeline

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