Composition, Eligibility & Participation


The Vancouver City Planning Commission has 13 voting members and 5 liaison members:

Voting Members Liaison Members (non-voting)
  • 11 members appointed by City Council
  • 2 members appointed by the Commission
  • 2 Councillors, appointed by City Council
  • 1 Commissioner, designated by the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation
  • 1 Trustee, designated by the Vancouver School Board
  • 1 staff member from Planning, Urban Design & Sustainability, designated by the General Manager of Planning


Commission members are drawn from the general public. Candidates must be qualified to vote in the City of Vancouver, or must have been resident in Metro Vancouver for six months immediately preceding appointment to the Commission.

In addition, candidates will be considered in relation to the criteria listed on the City of Vancouver’s website, including demonstrated relevant experience or knowledge, abilities and skills related to the mandate of the Commission.

Members may not be employees of the City of Vancouver, the Board of School Trustees District No. 39 (Vancouver), or the Board of Parks and Recreation of the City of Vancouver.

Appointment Terms

Council appoints Commissioners for two-year terms, six in even-numbered years and five in odd-numbered years. This alternating pattern applies also to the two Commission appointees. Commissioners can serve up to three consecutive terms.

Meeting frequency &  time commitment

The commission generally meets once a month on a Wednesday from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. Meetings typically take place in Committee Room No. 1 at 3rd Floor, City Hall, 453 West 12th Ave.

Additionally, the VCPC holds monthly Standing Committee meetings once a month that Commissioners are also expected to attend.   There are also various sub-committee and working group activities that interested Commissioners may take part in.

Commissioners should expect to spend 4 to 6 hours a week in meetings and related work; including participation on committees. As  many Commission activities occur during weekday daytime hours, Commissioners members should have a lot of control over their daily schedules in order to participate fully.


Commissioners are expected to attend all Commission meetings, and must request leave if they are unable to attend.

Commisisoner may miss no more than three consecutive meetings or five meetings within a calendar year, without obtaining leave of absence from the Commission. Membership will be terminated following such an absence.

Terms of Reference

Please refer to our Term of Reference page for more information on VCPC’s composition, powers, and duties, as well as City of Vancouver  procedures and code of conduct guiding our work.