Roundtable Reports


Click on the links below for a description of the initiatives presented at each roundtable with links to webpages for more information. Every attempt has been made to capture these discussions in the participants’ words. As requested by them, participants were given the opportunity to review their own group’s report.


Table 1: Health, Trauma, and Transitions
Table 2: Social Isolation
Table 3: Cultural Identity
Table 4: Mixed Topics
Table 5: Food for All


Table 6: Colonization and Discrimination
Table 7 : The Income Gap and Poverty Reduction
Table 8: Community Empowerment
Table 9: Empowering Youth
Table 10: Empowering through Research

Places & Spaces

Table 11: Access and Mobility
Table 12: Participatory Planning and Design
Table 13: Where and How We Live
Table 14: Where and How We Work
Table 15: Public Space

Overarching Frameworks

Table 16: Resilient Organizations
Table 17: Intersectionality
Table 18: Reconciliation
Table 19: Mixed Topics