Summit Report

In April 2018, VCPC invited members of City Advisory Committees relevant to A City for All, along with key community groups to a workshop to help design the VCPC 2018 Summit. The goal of the Summit was to increase Vancouver’s resiliency in the face of shocks and stresses by increasing our social capacity and inclusion. The workshop led to the identification of three themes: belonging, equity, and the design of places and spaces; and, in addition to resiliency, two overarching frameworks: intersectionality and reconciliation.

Joining the community of world cities that are meeting the challenge of growth in similar and diverse forms, the 2018 Vancouver Summit on A City for All focused a broad consultation on successes, experiences, interactions, and recommendations. Social exclusion and oppression of the marginalized are taxes on economic, political and social resources, on social growth and urban sustainability. At the heart of good, urban living is social and political equity and justice. The Summit represented the vast array of knowledgeable groups which are working intimately on our city’s most challenging issues, and are prepared to be a resource to city decision makers to help shape policy and practice to enable Vancouver to become a more equitable, accessible, and vibrant place.

“We must move forward together. Our future and the well-being of all our children rests with the kind of relationships we build today.”

Chief Dr. Robert Joseph, Hereditary Chief of the Gwawaenuk First Nation as quoted by a participant.

In the face of the growing disparity between income and housing cost and availability, Summit participants expressed deep concern over the ability of Vancouver to be a city for all where people can live and thrive.

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