Presentation Guide

Guide for preparing your presentation for your roundtable

In the morning of the summit,  there may be as many as  8 or 9 presentations at each roundtable.  Each participant will have about 8 minutes to describe what you have done related to your table topic. (here is a list of table descriptions)

Here are a few suggestions that you might want to consider in your talk. No powerpoints or slides.  Come and tell your story and share your lessons.

Title of the Initiative

Including name of the implementing organization (s) and location.

Description of the Initiative

Give a very brief outline of the history and context:

  • What was the situation before the initiative began?
  • What are the main goals? Who was involved (including partners)?
  • Where did you find the resources?
  • What challenges were faced and how were they overcome?
  • Describe the impact of the initiative. Who has benefited and how?

Key Findings and Recommendations

  • What are the most important lessons learned to date? 
  • What policies or actions would you recommend be adopted by the City of Vancouver or others (specify) to help the work you are doing and/or to scale it up or out?

This will  be continued in the afternoon session.

Supporting Materials

If easily available, you are encouraged to bring some supporting materials, including:

  • Photographs and/or other graphic material to show your table.
  • If your organization has any materials to display, share or distribute, there will be display tables available in the conference room.