Key Audiences

Key Audiences

There are two key audiences for the December 4, 2018, Summit.

City of Vancouver
The first audience is the incoming Vancouver City Council, along with the City of Vancouver’s Leadership Team. They will be invited to attend the entire event or any parts of the event, particularly the afternoon session and to act as participant observers (listeners). They will be asked not to make statements, present or defend a position on issues related to A City for All or the Summit themes. They will be encouraged to ask questions to clarify. This represents an unusual opportunity for them to listen to the accumulated wisdom of members of previous advisory boards and community groups.

Partners and Summit Participants
The second audience is the participants in the partner events and the Summit itself.  The input from partner events is intended to reflect the diversity of the city. We anticipate these events will be open and widely accessible and will raise the level of awareness and understanding of the issues.

The invitation list for the Summit, however, will be focused on thought-leaders and key influencers. Although the topic is “A City for All” this is not a conference for all.

Recommendations for actions will be focused on key actors: the four orders of government; the business sector; the academic sector; the not-for-profit sector; community based groups; faith groups; the media; and individuals.

As well as using the event process to build understanding and relationships, an additional desired outcome is that the electronic and printed report will amplify the results of the Summit.