Vancouver City Planning Commission

The Vancouver City Planning Commission is an advisory body of volunteers appointed by Council with a broad mandate to consider and advise Council on matters relating to the future of Vancouver.

The Commission carries out this mandate through special projects on relevant issues, and by selecting specific matters on Council’s agenda on which to provide comment during Council’s deliberations.

In carrying out this work, the Commission organizes conferences, consultations, competitions, presentations and research on a variety of topics including housing, the public realm, transportation, public engagement and neighbourhoods.

For more information on the Vancouver City Planning Commission, please visit the City of Vancouver VCPC webpage.

Our Work

The mandate of the Vancouver City Planning Commission (VCPC) is to advise City Council on matters relating to the planning and development of the City as citizens of the City of Vancouver; and in particular, to represent ideas and opinions about the future of the city and to consider and report to Council on any proposal likely to have a significant effect on this future.

The Commission aspires to serve as a catalyst for dialogue and action, using our convening power to work together with partners, thus bringing forward to Mayor and Council the best advice we can on behalf of Vancouver citizens. The Commission is aware of its small size, limited resources, and the need to work within a regional context, particularly on matters such as resilience.

Here is a sample of some of the VCPC’s current and past projects.

  • A City for All: The Planning Commission is exploring how diversity, inclusion and reconciliation can contribute to improving Vancouver’s resilience in the face of shocks and stresses. (2018)
  • Shaping Resiliency: A city summit on the importance of resiliency to the future of Vancouver. (2017)
  • Alternate Futures: Alternative Futures Housing & 21 Places for the 21st Century Ideas Competition. (2004-2005)


Commissioners win 2021 Plan Canada Award for Article on Inequalities During COVID

Congratulations to current Commissioner Amina Yasin, and past Commissioner Daniella Fergusson for winning  the Canadian Institute of Planners 2021 Plan Canada Award for their article “Pandemic Patios and “Flat White” Urbanism originally published in Plan Canada Winter 2020 (Vol. 60 No. 4) issue. The article highlights how existing inequality in our society with already vulnerable …

VCPC in the News — Broadway Subway

The Vancouver City Planning Commissioner has long been interested in the planning for the Broadway Subway. Back in 2017, we submitted two memoranda to  Mayor and Council both recommending comprehensive, engaged land-use planning and urban design processes for the adjoining areas and neighbourhoods. March 8, 2017 | December 13, 2017 Commissioners have continued to follow …


Contact Us

The Vancouver City Planning Commission is an advisory body of volunteers appointed by Council with a broad mandate to consider and advise Council on matters relating to the future of Vancouver.

We are not the planning department and, as such, do not deal with specific planning and zoning or permit related questions or decisions. For inquiries of this type, please contact the City of Vancouver though the 3-1-1 information centre.

Due to volume of email, it is not always possible to respond to inquiries in a timely manner. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Vancouver City Planning Commission 

Vancouver City Hall
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Voicemail: 604-873-7477

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